Monster Energy Looks Poised To Return As The NASCAR Cup Series Sponsor In 2019

Queue the Eminem’s Without Me becauseĀ guess who’s back?

Monster Energy is reportedly close to extending their deal as title sponsor of NASCAR’s premier series. Monster initially signed a two-year deal with an option for a third year. After two extensions on a deadline set for the fall of last year it now appears Monster will stick around for at least 2019 and maybe 2020.

NASCAR’s Adam Schefter has more;

A southern-basedĀ sport sponsored by a caffeine-infused, heart palpitationĀ encouraging beverage is exactly what NASCAR needs more of. More motorcycles doing burnouts pre-race, more Monster Energy girls making Jalopnik mad, more, more, more.

Monster Energy is obviously seeing some sort of return on their investment into NASCAR. Between Kurt Busch’s car and the title sponsorship, the company is pumping around $35M a year into the sport. Slumping TV ratings combined with an equally slumping attendance is never a good thing for the sport but having a title sponsor re-up their deal is a great thing going forward.

NASCAR appears to be avoiding having to search for a title sponsor for the second time in two years. If Monster had decided to leave NASCAR would have been in a tough spot searching for a new sponsor. As NASCAR tries to find its identity going forward searching for a new sponsor is something they didn’t need.

Things We’d Like To See Monster/NASCAR Do

  • Have a more collaborative relationship. Monster puts out great video concepts on YouTube, incorporateĀ NASCAR into that. They previously tried a video series last season with Zoey 101 but that girl died years ago.
  • More activation at the track, not just the “big races.”
  • NASCAR centric commercialsĀ during broadcasts that aren’t NASCAR.
  • Stop handing out free stickers, tired of seeing white trash roll around with Monster logos on their 2002 Expeditions with broken exhausts.
  • Help get better music guests at tracks, holy shit.

Can we just let tobacco back into the sponsorship game? It’s 2018, we all know it’s bad for you, we have the internet. Those tobaccoĀ dollars could do wonders for auto racing.

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