SHOCKER: Brad Keselowski Didn’t Understand #MarchForOurLives

For every NASCAR person saying Brad Keselowski is one of the smartest drivers in the garage area, there is a Brad K. tweet to dispel that thought. Keselowski prides himself on having ideas, thoughts, and a being a voice within the sport. While his racing ideas/takes are sometimes logical (All-Start Format not included) his commentary on social issues are massively based off what Fox News presents.

Over the weekend Keselowski was asked about a short track racer and his family who were found dead in Mexico. Super sad, you hate to see stuff like that happen to anyone. Keselowski offered his condolences which is nice, we offer ours as well. T’s & P’s.

Unfortunately for NASCAR fans, Fox News decided to run Brad on the front page of the website instead of the massive #MarchForOurLives movement that happened over the weekend. Naturally, the news station funded by conservatives wants to give no press to the youth of America desperately wanting to avoid being slaughtered in their classrooms. What assholes these kids are, amirite?

So when someone on Twitter put together screenshots of the major news outlets front page it was only Fox ignoring the movement. That tweet triggered Brad Keselowski who strapped on the Twitter fingers and took to the internet;


Brad Keselowski probably also believes the anthem protests are about the military/president and not racial equality. Just a guy who misses the point of literally everything in life when it comes to social issues. Fox News said they hate the military, burn the flag and want to take all the guns away.

Brad K is so dumb no one wants to be Brad K.

He’s a nice guy and all but he’s not that bright. He’s not a good-looking guy, he has a Frank Reynolds dumb brain without the humor. Sarah Jessica Parker is disgraced of her stablemate. Not a fucking clue. But SJP is still embarrassed by her brother. If Brad ever met himself he would hate himself.

For the record #MarchForOurLives wasn’t about taking away everyone’s guns. It was a march advocating for stricter gun control which if you don’t believe in, you’re part of the problem. You probably don’t need an AR-15 or an assault weapon that can cut through an Oak tree. Just an idea, don’t shoot me.

Brad K should stick to driving a race car and talking about race car things. Athletes are more than athletes and 100% should be involved in social issues. But you wouldn’t turn to Antonio Cromartie for advice on anything except impregnating women, Brad should only be spoken to about NASCAR things. There are some athletes that should just remain athletes.

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