ESPN Started Their F1 Coverage Off In Hysterically Horrible Fashion

Folks,,, you couldn’t start worse than ESPN’s F1 coverage did.

Forget all the complaining about them getting the rights. Forget about them using the world feed. Forget about them saying there would be no pre-race show then saying there would be. Folks, they couldn’t even figure out how to get the show to appear on your television.


ESPN’s foray back into F1 broadcasting started with a lovely shot looking from turn 9. A fixed camera with wonderful ambient noise playing a SIA song listening to fans say “mate.” Just a worldly, culturally enhancing experience for all of us back in the States.

ESPN then proceeded to cut to commercial within 45 seconds of getting on air. The coverage came back and everyone expected to see the SKY Sports pre-race coverage and instead, it was more of the same shot. ANOTHER COMMERCIAL. Three minutes, two commercials, this is a great ratio.

Finally, they come back and it’s just random shots from around the track. Lovely but not exactly what we wanted to see. Then things got really wild.

ESPN dumped the coverage and went to E:60’s presentation of the most dominant teams in the last 20 years. Super interesting stuff, how did they exclude “The Greatest Show On Turf”? Pretty disgraceful if you ask me. They threw this bloke up on the screen for everyone to yell at. Apparently, he edits ESPN Magazine which is still a thing because print media is making a comeback.

And then 15 minutes into the “pre-race” which was actually E:60, ESPN finally decided they should tell all the fans in America that they were experiencing difficulties with Sky Sports. They couldn’t connect the male end of the connector cord into the female end and that’s why babies aren’t being born at a reasonable┬árate in this country.

Finally, 21 minutes into the “pre-race” Sky Sports appeared on our televisions without audio. A few silent seconds of Martin talking before the audio finally came on. What a wild 21 minutes┬ábut we made it, everyone. We survived ESPN trying to ruin our nights.

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