NBC to take over IndyCar Broadcast Full Time In 2019, Here’s Michael Scott To Explain

Every IndyCar fan is going through a full array of emotions this morning at IndyCar prepares to announce their new TV partner starting in 2019. To fully help everyone cope with the news we have Michael Scott here to help out.
Phase One: ABC announced they will end their partnership with IndyCar and the Indy 500 following the 2018 season. No more Dr. Scott Goodyear diagnosing guys as “ok” after wrecks. No more Eddie Cheever, not that you knew he was actually in the booth anyway. And no more Allen Bestwick with his cackling fake laugh.

Phase Two: News starts to leak out from motorsports insider and woj bomb disciple Adam Stern that NBC is the leader in the clubhouse to land IndyCar’s broadcasting rights. There are no clubhouses in racing unless you’re part of one of those racing country clubs but you get the reference. Fans start to freak out with this news. The god Leigh Diffey calling IndyCar full time in 2019?! Townsend Bell and Paul Tracy talking shit to Marco all season? Jon Beekhuis, Robin Miller, Katie Hargitt and Kevin Lee in the pits. People that actually get excited about racing with a production crew that understands where to point cameras. A crew that won’t miss Jack Harvey crashing or looks at the wall as Will Power spins out. Oh. My. God. Michael:

Phase Three: IndyCar is set to announce their new broadcasting deal Wednesday morning in New York City. IT’S HAPPENING. Mark Miles and crew are going to 30 Rock to announce the partnership. Donald Glover wrote the press release, Tracy Morgan is walking around the background talking about getting someone pregnant. Alec Baldwin is attempting to tell IndyCar how to produce the broadcast. IndyCar picked the right network to go with here even if all those references are five years old.

If IndyCar would have gone with ABC/ESPN fans would have revolted. It’d have been the Arab Spring all over again just at the corner of 16th and Georgetown and limited to about 200 people but all revolutions start small. People losing their minds just running around screaming nooooooooo. Like there’s a Donald Trump tweet for everything, there’s a Michael Scott GIF for everything as well.

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