A NASCAR Wives Show Is Coming And We Couldn’t Be Less Excited

Have you ever wanted to watch NASCAR spouses sit around in boutiques they own sipping mimosas being cheeky with one another? You’re in luck!

According to Adam Stern, CMT is in talks with a number of NASCAR spouses about a reality show. NASCAR has said they are not a part of the project.

Surely you have sat in your office and had the thought, “I wonder what Whitney Dillon is doing right now?” Your question looks like it is going to be answered. Whitney Dillon will be joined by the sister’s Busch (that sounds bad but we’re sticking with it), Jordan Fish and some woman named Mariel Lane. Let’s break down the spouses real quick;

Whitney Dillon: Wife of Austin Dillon, former Tennessee Titans cheerleader, makes questionable fashion choices. Owner of Girls Tour whatever the hell that is. Something about her seems weird and she confuses me.

Samantha Busch: Married to Kyle Busch who completely outkicked his coverage. Don’t let people tell you girls don’t like race car drivers because of case in point. Fashion blogger, because she’s a NASCAR wife. Race cars and fashion, the two go hand in hand.

Ashley Busch: No sister wives here, she’s married to Kurt Busch. This is Kurt’s 3rd or 4th partner in his NASCAR career, much like his driving career change is needed sometimes before an assassin kills you. Polo player, not a fashion blogger.

Jordan Fish: Girlfriend to Denny Hamlin, former Charlotte Hornets cheerleader, mom to two kids, owner of a clutch shop. A clutch women hold like a pencil pouch but more expensive. Also, a fashion blogger lives in a 30k square foot house with Denny but can’t find him.

Mariel Lane: Think she’s engaged to someone on the #78 team, Monster Energy girl, talks loudly and screeches like a banshee based off one video I’ve seen. Best friends with Whitney Dillon, not sure why she’s in this actually.

Let’s break the down real quick: Loud one, Mariel Lane. Boring one, Ashley Busch. Worst laugh/laughs at dumb shit, Samantha Busch. Talks most about fashion and or kids, Jordan Fish. Crazy over the top one, also loud, Whitney Dillon.

Sounds like an electric lineup of WAGs that NASCAR fans will clamor for. Very little racing, a lot of loud talking, obnoxious laughs, and fashion talk. Listen guys don’t need to talk about cars the whole time but do female NASCAR fans actually care about any of this? Sure there are the obsessive fans who know driver’s kids’ names, schools, where the spouse is from, etc. Those obsessed fans will love this but Brenda in Boca who attends the Homestead race every year with her husband Roy probably doesn’t care. There isn’t a young contingent of female NASCAR fans either. Not to sound like a feminist but shouldn’t we be trying to get females into racing and not what hat goes best with the race day outfit?

NASCAR did the reality show thing with NASCAR Drivers 360 back in the early 2000’s, YouTube it. The concept was just a behind the scenes look at driver’s lives at the track and during the week. Kevin Harvick was on it Jeremy Mayfield was in it as well. No meth labs, unfortunately, that would have made for electric television. Give me Jeremy Mayfield blowing stuff up with fireworks over Whitney Dillon bedazzling her jacket any day. WE KNOW YOU’RE MRS. DILLON.

But nooooo we can’t have a series like that anymore. We need the nice basketball wives to get together and laugh horrendously and nonsense. NASCAR Digital Media has a great game plan for the next few years in regards to working with new studios and channels. Then comes the news that Country Music Television is going to do this.

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