Is Austin Cindric Attempting To Sabotage His Roush Fenway Racing Season?

Three Xfinity races into Austin Cindric’s NASCAR Xfinity Series career and Tim Cindric’s kid has an interesting trend going. Is he sabotaging his select races with Roush Fenway Racing like he’s some disgraced Olympic athlete?

Cindric is splitting his season between Roush Fenway Racing and Team Penske. In three races this year he has been in two races for RFR and on for Team Penske. Both of this races with RFR he has crashed out of at tracks he should definitely be able to run. Cindric has turned into a human pinball at 170 mph and you still have to pay 50 cents to play even though every other game is free.

Both crashes were preventable crashes. Saturday in Las Vegas perpetually singing  “woe is me” Tommy Joe Martins held his line in the #8 while Cindric pushed up into him and pulling a Jeff Gordon on the backstretch at Las Vegas. A preventable wreck at a track not known for being treacherous.

At Daytona, it was much of the same for Cindric. Once again Cindric failed to hold a steady wheel and pushed up into the car on his outside ultimately wrecking himself. Both of these wrecks were easily preventable.

I’m not saying Cindric is sabotaging his races with RFR but I’m not saying he isn’t doing a little Tim Donaghy action either. How does he run 7th at Atlanta in a Penske car but can’t finish a race for RFR? Atlanta is historically difficult for rookies in part because of tire management. Now all of a sudden the second best BKR driver in 2017 can run 7th there but not at two tracks where you essentially run wide open? Very confusing.

Maybe he’s just a rookie and he makes mistakes. Or maybe there is something deeper going on here. Call the FBI, we need an investigation, someone is moving money because of this.

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Ps. Austin Cindric just might not be a great driver, completely reasonable and not a crime. Kind of a crime because Chase Briscoe deserves that seat time.

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