Fashion Model To Race The 2018 Indianapolis 500

Fashion Model Sage Karam will race the 2018 Indianapolis 500.

Returning to team up with Dryer Reinbold Racing once again, the Wilhelmina model will strut down the pitlane once again this season. Striking blue steel after blue steel pose, stealing the hearts of central Indiana women one smile at a time. Hopefully, there aren’t a plethora of passed out women up and down pitlane because the yellow shirts will not handle that well.

Karam will put his modeling on hold for May to once again team up with DRR in the #24 car. No announcement on who the sponsor is but if Burberry and Sephora don’t hop on this car then what are we really doing here people? Honestly, what are we doing? Anne Hathaway didn’t serve as a kicking post for fashion to be disgraced in this way.

When May rolls around this season Karam will be looking to rid himself of bad luck. While he may be a decent model (?) his last three runs at the 500 have been the equivalent of an Amy Schumer walking the runway, breaking her ankle and landing at the feet of Anna Wintour. My fashion knowledge is surprising even myself while I write this blog. Karam’s last three finishes are 32nd, 32nd, and 28th. Those are finishes you keep you yourself.

DDR has the speed they finished 9th with Karam as a rookie in 2014. They can get this done and maybe with a second car for JR Hildebrand they’ll be able to calm Karam down. It’s his inability to make rational racing decisions that have hindered him most of the time.

A presser is scheduled for Thursday. Expect Vanity Fair, and others to be on the call. Actually would be laugh out loud funny if they were.

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