Could Atlanta Motor Speedway Revert To The Old Layout In The Next Repave? There’s A Chance

When will Atlanta Motor Speedway finally be repaved? At this point, never. The track seems resigned to pumping endless amounts of tar into the cracks. When it does though Atlanta could be in for more than just some shiny new, smooth as glass asphalt. It could be in for a massive facility change thanks in part to new NASCAR spokesman, Dale Jr.

Somewhere between Korea and Atlanta, Dale Jr fired off a tweet asking Marcus Smith. The head of SMI and the owner of AMS was presented with a question that frankly we all want an answer too.


So you’re telling me there’s a chance? YEAH!

There’s a chance Atlanta could be returned to its once glorious self. Back to being Homestead before Homestead was Homestead. You keeping track of that you Adderall popping lunatics? Marcus Smith says he will look at making Atlanta into what it was. It’s like when Big Head moved his pool only to move it back because that was the right location the whole time. Shoutout to you for watching Silicon Valley if you got that reference. Sometimes the new edition isn’t as good as the old edition and all you want is that old one back again.

Making Atlanta into Homestead again would be huge for the sport. Everyone says NASCAR should go to Homestead twice, we wait for 35 races until the 36th finally rolls around. Why not have its predecessor at the beginning of the season? So much history was had on that old configuration. Alan Kulwicki, Richard Petty’s last race, Jeff Gordon’s first race, so maybe just one year but it’s still massively memorable.

Marcus seems open to the idea.

It Won’t Happen

Listen we all love to dream but the realistic side of our brains has to kick in at some point. Atlanta has one race a year, it’s a beloved race but it’s only one race. To completely reconfigure the front stretch and move the stands will be massively expensive. Thanks to SMI thinking they needed make their 1.5-mile tracks into a standard corporate design will go down as one of the worst decisions in NASCAR.

Atlanta was modeled after Charlotte Motor Speedway because the sightlines from the stands in a quad oval are exponentially better than the track Atlanta once was. However, with the way stands are designed now they would be seated at or above the fence making the sightlines easier. You don’t hear fans at Homestead bemoaning the sight lines.

We can all dream and we can hope Marcus has some cash stashed away to make this happen. For now, though watching re-runs of the 1996 race will have to suffice.

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