Scuderia Ferrari & Mercedes AMG Show Off Their 2018 F1 Cars

Mercedes AMG F1 kicked off Thursday with the unveiling of their new W09 EQ+. First with Valtteri Bottas running the car at Silverstone for a shakedown and video run. The team then returned to Brackley to unveil the car in a dimly lit area with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas there to talk about the evolution of the car.

According to Lewis Hamilton, the W09 EQ+ is better in every aspect than the W08. Because you’d never say the iPhone X is an inferior phone to the iPhone 7. Then again this is the team and guy that were pushing Blackberry phones in 2015. THEY WERE USING BLACKBERRY’S IN 2015. Why doesn’t anyone talk about that? iPhones and Samsung were far superior, how does the best F1 team side with the HRT of cell phones?

Diving into some actual specifics of the car that Mercedes was so kind to share with us. The rake of the car will be a little more drastic this year much like the Ferrari last season. The wheelbase of the car remained the same as 2017, there was speculation that they would go with a shorter wheelbase like the 2017 Ferrari. Instead, they’ve stuck with the long wheelbase. You know what gets trophies, why would you go changing things? Play the damn song.

Scuderia Ferrari

Not to be outdone, Ferrari continued their tradition of unveiling their car on the same day as another team. Last season it was McLaren, this season it is Mercedes. Each team selects a date to show off their car and they all have a gentleman’s agreement to let that team have their day. Not Ferrari, in typical Italian fashion they need to be the loud center of attention even though everything they do is remarkably mediocre.

The rake is strong with the SF71-H. The halo will never not be absolutely hideous and the penis nose is still the dumbest think F1 hasn’t fixed in almost a decade. If you look at the backside of the side mirrors there is some sort of aero styling to them. That’s the Ferrari advantage for 2018, MIRRORS!

But the Ferrari is very red, the presentation was very Ferrari-esque, it was boring, lots of words and Kimi in a suit. So hopefully it drives better than it was presented. Also, why was there an Italian Army General in the crowd?

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