How Much Does The Last Place NASCAR Charter Team Earn? Now We Know

How much money does a NASCAR team make from prize money? The answer is game check for Jimmy G in 2018.

NASCAR started guarding their prize money purses like they held the secrets to what Alex Jones has been warning us about. When the NASCAR charter system was instituted it guaranteed the worst team of the 36 with charters would take home money at the end of the year. It allowed teams to budget knowing they would receive that payment. A little socialism in NASCAR spread the wealth. Thankfully most fans haven’t figured that out yet and the revolution is all quiet on the southern front.

BK Racing is NASCAR’s gift that keeps on giving. Ron Devine and his team are the Ball family of NASCAR. Always in the headlines, no one is really sure what purpose they serve but they keep coming back and you ultimately respect the hustle.

Because BK Racing is being sued by the bank, that’s what happens when you don’t pay your bills kids. You end up like Bushkins and lose your fat camp. Thanks to BK being sued and then filing for bankruptcy we all know how much money the 36th place charter team is guaranteed in prize money. Thanks to NASCAR’s rain man Bob Pockrass for reporting on this saga that has lasted longer than all three Godfather’s on a Saturday afternoon.

BK Racing’s charter guarantees it a minimum of $2.9 million for competing in all the races, according to an affidavit filed by a Union Bank & Trust executive as part of recent litigation. The affidavit states BK Racing would earn more than $200,000 for the Daytona 500 and an average minimum of $75,000 for 36 other events throughout the year. It is not clear if that assumes a particular race finish or a last-place finish in every event. NASCAR no longer releases driver earnings following each race, but a $2.9 million base would be fairly consistent with a team 35th in points (drivers who finished between 33rd and 36th in 2015 earned $2.9-$3.2 million). NASCAR would not comment on the accuracy of the bank’s estimates.

$2.9M for finishing in last place. You can suck all year, you can put Gray Gaulding in your car for the entire season and at the least, you’re taking home $2.9 million big ones. And with Ron Devine’s team you know they’re all ones.

That’s before sponsorship money as well. Is it feasible to run a bare bones operation and turn a profit? Yes, probably. When you think about it though $2.9M is not a lot of money. That’s not even enough to run a championship winning truck team usually. If your goal is to be the Miami Marlins of NASCAR, then 36th is the place for you and BK Racing has that coveted spot.

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