Here Is Video Of Bubba Wallace And Denny Hamlin Exchanging Words After The Daytona 500

By now everyone has seen the clip of Bubba Wallace telling Denny Hamlin he may need to take an Adderall after their crash coming to the checkered flag. It was a solid second round jab by Wallace following Denny Hamlin’s comments on the Pardon My Take podcast.

Everyone thought that would be the end of it. BUT IT WASN’T.

Like a behind the scenes shot from a WWE fight the two drivers went face to face outside of the garage area following Wallace’s comments. Hamlin brushes his PR girl off like a defensive end looking for Andy Dalton’s head, Hamlin wanted Bubba.

The exchange is hard to hear all you can kind of make out is Hamlin definitively saying “I’m fucking done.” As well as Bubba saying “There it is again.”

Some people think Denny said “I’m done” or “I’m calm, I’m fucking calm.” Others think Hamlin was saying “I’m talking to you. I’m fucking talking to you.” Regardless Denny was heated in this exchange and Darrell was remaining calm. If you want to spitball ideas r/NASCAR is the place for you to play transcriber like the closed captioning person on CBS.

Darrell has been the media darling going into the 500 and is a full blow media star coming out of it thanks to his second-place finish. Maybe Denny despises the sudden fame surrounding Bubba or he just wants him to understand his place in the sport. Is it misogynistic that Denny was willing to yell at Darrell and not Danica?

Denny is coming to this fight with the backing of Barstool Sports. Bubba is bringing the support of the sport with him. This is a fight we’re definitely here for. Pull up the bus, break out the lawn chairs, toss us some Bud Lights and get after.

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