Did Chase Elliott Yell At Brad Keselowski Following Their Daytona 500 Wreck?

Chase Elliott and Brad Keselowski both had cars that could have won the 60th Daytona 500. Instead, both drivers ended up in the infield care center following a crash with 19 laps to go in Stage 2.

A crash started by Chase Elliott and Brad Keselowski who were running second and third at the time. The crash was a combination of a big run by Elliott to the bumper of Ryan Blaney. Instead of pulling out to pass Blaney, Elliott remained behind the #12. Brad Keselowski in 3rd pulled out to pass Elliott’s #9. As he did that he turned Chase who will undoubtedly hate this for his guys.

You can watch it for yourself and tell me how dumb I am;

Just a simple case of being over aggressive on Keselowski’s part when there were 99 laps left in the race. Out of the race were NASCAR’s new most popular driver and NASCAR’s most popular villain. Elliott’s car attempted to launch into orbit straight over the ocean, thankfully there was a wall there to turn his car into a dreidel. Others got caught up in the crash, ending the day for Kevin Harvick, Danica Patrick, and Kasey Kahne. It’s what happened after that has everyone’s interest piqued.

Did Chase Elliott And Brad Keselowski Exchange Words?

According to Jeff Gluck on the Untitled Jeff Gluck Podcast,¬†Chase Elliott apparently yelled at Brad Keselowski in the infield care center. If that’s true Chase Elliott has really found his firey voice since Martinsville last season when Denny Hamlin took him out. Elliot has now apparently yelled at two of the sports most visible veterans.

“I heard they may have had a little yelling match in the care center. I heard some yelling was associated with that in the care center”¬† – Jeff Gluck.

It takes two to tango. Cars don’t wreck at Daytona or Talladega because they just want to. Brad made a decision and Chase made a decision. One plus one equals two and it takes two to tango. Math and NASCAR on a Monday, don’t say you didn’t stimulate your brain today.

NASCAR needs drivers to show emotion. After a period of corporate behavior and clean cut cardboard cutouts, personality may be king again in NASCAR. Chase Elliott v. Brad Keselowski, we’re all here for that.

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