Bubba Wallace Uses Denny Hamlin’s “Pardon My Take” Quote Against Him After Daytona 500

Denny Hamlin went on Barstool Sports “Pardon My Take” podcast Friday and dropped a quote that spread through NASCAR like a wildfire through the California brush. NASCAR responded by going into a full court press trying to suffocate this quote out like Virginia’s defense.

But this is the internet and everything lives on forever. Hamlin had this exchange on the podcast with PFT and Big Cat.

“Do you think there is a significant amount of drivers that take Adderall or some sort of ADD medicine.” – PFT

“Mmmmm, I would say yes” – A semi-reluctant Denny Hamlin

“You have to put a percentage on it, it’s the old Jose Canseco rule, you gotta be like 90% of NASCAR drivers do this. ” – Big Cat

“70%.” – Hamlin

Flashforward to Sunday now and Darrell Wallace Jr. aka Bubba Wallace aka who knows which name to pick for our SEO used that quote against Hamlin. Not happy with the way he was raced after the checkered flag, Wallace said this about Hamlin;

“He might need to take some Adderall for that one.” Wallace taking a clear shot at Hamlin for running him into the wall coming to the flag and after it. Hamlin said the #43 cut his tire down, Wallace wasn’t believing that and thinks the #11 driver needs to concentrate harder. Hamlin probably should flirt with pills though, you know.

Barstool Sports isn’t a media outlet that typically covers NASCAR. Pardon My Take generally interviews maybe 2 to 3 drivers a year but this weekend they were the talk of the sport. A company that harbors the coveted 18-35 demographic by the millions put NASCAR and Denny Hamlin in front of an ocean of new fans.

Also, the fact Darrell Wallace Jr. had that quote from the PMT interview right there speaks to how popular the podcast is within the sport and how annoyed drivers were that Hamlin would say that. Is there a new rivalry blossoming in NASCAR? Because we’re all here for the Denny Hamlin v. Bubba Wallace feud until Eddie Gossage ruins it.

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