Noah Gragson Gives A Sarcastic Answer, FOX Presents It Out Of Context, Queue The Fake Outrage

Did you miss the great twitter storm of February 13th?

To recap, NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Noah Gragson jokingly told FOX Sports during his wreck at Daytona last season he was trying to take out as many trucks as possible. A joke that FOX then tweeted out with the headline “Noah Gragson confesses…” They’ve since deleted the tweet and video from existence. Like that picture of Beyonce that she had wiped from the internet, FOX tried to cover up their mistake.

But everything on the internet lasts forever so we have it.

Clearly, he’s joking. Gragson’s facial expression, the way he says it, only Monte Dutton (who?) and the people at FOX would take it to be serious. FOX then called it a “confession” in a tweet which is preposterous. NASCAR on FOX got their clicks and have since deleted the tweet while leaving Gragson in a Twitter storm of shitty takes.

Look at the video of the crash. The steering is locked, the front end damage is so bad he has little to no control over the direction of the truck and he really didn’t hit many trucks at all. Nevertheless though he “confessed” to wrecking as many trucks as possible.

Surely every iRacing athlete out there knows the struggles of driving a wrecked race car. You would think with that first-hand experience there would have been less outrage.

Oh The Outrage

NASCAR fans always take things in stride and never overreact. It’s so easy to tee off on a kid who brings money to the sport. However, Noah Gragson is one of the few young guys that actually has a personality. There are a number of young drivers in the sport that are absolute bores.

Since Twitter went straight to outrage at first, Gragson responded with an explanation of the quote and how it was taken out of context.

After that Gragson went on to send out a few more tweets about how he was going to handle the media now.

Even when Gragson’s being vanilla he’s still more entertaining than most drivers on the internet. Media Day on Wednesday should be interesting for Gragson. Will he talk to FOX? How about showing his personality? It’d be hilarious if he just pulled a Marshawn and spoke monotone to not get fined.

Gragson received a ton of support from other drivers, media members, and fans. And Dale, Noah has the support of Dale which is the opposite of having the support of David Duke.

Does Kenny Wallace call everyone bitch? If so that’s hilarious.

Hopefully, Noah Gragson stays the course with his personality. His personality type is a dying breed, the sport desperately needs personalities. Losing one because of a poor attempt at getting clicks by a media partner is less than ideal.

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