Danica Accidentally Confirms She’s Headed To Ed Carpenter Racing For The Indy 500


Danica Patrick has been the consummate PR professional throughout her racing career. Many times she could have let a deal slip, or a ride announcement leak, she could have let her retirement news out before her presser. Through it all though she kept her lips sealed like a Soviet spy.

Until Wednesday at Daytona 500 media day.

When asked about her Indy 500 deal Danica said this, “Actually I didn’t have time to meet up with Ed and the people that … Oh, did I say that out loud? I’ve never done that in my career.”

Mark your entry list up, Danica Patrick will be driving for Ed Carpenter Racing in the Indianapolis 500. The final start of her career will be for one of the quickest teams on qualifying day. Assuming Danica still has her IndyCar touch a strong run in qualifying is definitely a very real possibility.

In 2016 ECR ran three cars, JR Hildebrand, Ed Carpenter and Josef Newgarden. For 2017 the team only sported two cars and both finished in the top 16. Ed Carpenter recorded consecutive poles in 2013 and 2014 and ECR cars remain some of the quickest Chevy-powered teams at the speedway.

In 2018 IndyCar has a new body kit and many teams are waiting for Indianapolis testing to get a handle on how the cars will race this year. For Danica, this is a huge opportunity. An opportunity with a top-notch team and one that can undoubtedly give her a car capable of winning the race.

GoDaddy combined with ECR is a formidable duo. Danica Patrick has a better average finish at the speedway than Juan Montoya. One Yahoo! writer loves to point that out. Regardless, Dancia knows her way around Indianapolis, she’s massively competitive and she’ll have something to prove in her final race ever as she looks to better her 3rd place finish from 2009.

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