A List Of Things Worse Than Fox’s NASCAR Scoring Pylon

NASCAR on FOX debuted a new scoring graphic this past weekend at Daytona. Like any change, NASCAR fans did not take it well. Obscenities were yelled at TV’s, Mike Joy was lambasted on Twitter, Michael Waltrip has declared it the greatest thing since the 2018 Toyota Camry. It has been a disaster.

Fox originally debuted the “ticker” in 2001, the scrolling running order at the top of the screen. A few years ago they scrapped the “ticker” for the “Fox Box” a bulkier graphic that flipped pages like a Rolodex. Now in 2018, they have debuted the “pylon” graphic.

It was not well received as the new “pylon” graphic takes nearly 25% of the screen. On top of that Fox couldn’t get the pylon to stop cutting out some of the action. Or the entire field. As evidenced by this;

There’s a 17 car pack there but you wouldn’t know it. Placing the graphic on the left side of the screen is a questionable move too. You know, because the cars are generally driving from right to left on the screen. Also, it takes up a big part of the screen. Listen, Fox, I didn’t buy a 55″ 4K Samsung to read the running order clearer. I bought this to watch Denny Hamlin collapse in pristine 4K resolution.

Everyone hates the pylon but it’s not the worst thing ever. We compiled a list of things worse than the pylon;

Cleveland Browns

The 2005/2006 Dodge Charger Nose – teams hated the way it handled on 1.5 mile tracks so they reverted to the Intrepid nose, the #43 has the older nose here and the #19 has the Charger nose. Teams continued this until the spring of 2006 when Dodge threw a hissy fit.

This guy

And this guy

And her

BK Racing

Casey Atwood, sorry Casey


Dario’s NASCAR Career and Ashley Judd, Mainly Ashley 

Ato Boldon covering NASCAR- “Steve, why do cars have hood pins?!

All of these are worse than Fox’s “pylon” graphic which is bad. We can’t emphasize enough how bad it is. It’d be great sporadically to show us intervals, etc. Having it on screen for an entire race is absurd.

Mike Joy said the “pylon” will evolve which means Fox is sticking with it because why listen to what the fans want. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. You can do heroin, but you shouldn’t. You can remake Willy Wonka, but you shouldn’t. You can make The Godfather 3, but you shouldn’t. You can change the ticker, but you shouldn’t. Heroin being compared to the FOX NASCAR ticker, you didn’t expect that when you woke up today.

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