Terrible News, ABC Bringing Back The Same Indy 500 Announcing Trio For 2018

ESPN/ABC announced Wednesday that the broadcasting trio of Allen Bestwick, Scott Goodyear, and Eddie Cheever would be back for the 2018 season.

Bestwick was laid off from ESPN following last season’s doubleheader in Detroit due to company cost-cutting measures. He will be back as the lead color commentator for ABC’s portion of the IndyCar season. He will be joined by Dr. Scott Goodyear who last season deemed Sebastian Bourdais “fine” after his massive crash. The trifecta will be rounded out with Eddie Cheever who more closely resembles an eagle ornament on the Chrysler Building than a broadcaster.

ABC/ESPN are in the final year of their IndyCar contract, the company had two options for this season. One would be to bring in new talent and see if they could spruce up the IndyCar broadcasts like NBCSN has done. Option two would be to bring back the trifecta from broadcasting hell and save money.

They went with option two so now we get Allen Bestwick who really is the best of the three but is nowhere near as great as race fans and Reddit think he is. His over laughing will drive you insane by qualifying day. HAHAHAHAHA great one, like a boyfriend laughing at his girlfriend’s dads dumb jokes.

Scott Goodyear comes back after a deeming Sebastian Bourdais fine last year even though his pelvis looked like a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle. Goodyear will at times just sound like a complete idiot, like he’s never watched IndyCar before. “Allen, it appears they put tires on the car and added fuel, that’s interesting.”

Finally, the cleanup hitter comes back for one more year, Eddie Cheever. The man with the same emotion as the Sharpie fine point marker on my desk is back again. He blankly sits in the booth and commentates when needed, he’s more suited for golf coverage than racing coverage.

The entire ABC/ESPN booth would rather sit and watch the race than actually attempt to make it exciting. NBC, on the other hand, will talk up every race. They somehow made Phoenix exciting while ABC made an already boring Indy GP even that much more boring. Season 2 of the wire is more entertaining than ABC’s coverage and no one even likes that season.

Hopefully, IndyCar goes in a different direction in 2019.

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