Weekend Racing Roundup (2/3-2/4): Bathurst 12 Hour, SX Oakland, Formula E Santiago

February’s first weekend not only represented the end of football season but the last weekend without NASCAR racing until Thanksgiving. However, there was still racing to be watched and things to be discussed that didn’t involve a washed up F1 driver and a computer game.

Formula E Santiago

Formula E made the trip south to Chile for the Santiago e-Prix this weekend. People forget it’s actually summer/heading into fall in the southern hemisphere. Flat-earthers can’t explain the phenomenon of seasons in different hemispheres but then again we all didn’t go to Duke so maybe we just don’t understand.

Unlike most FE races this weekend’s was actually good. TechCheetah came home with the shocking 1-2 finish, a massive accomplishment from a non-factory team. The win did not come without drama however as the two team cars attempted to become one with the wall.

Andre Lotterer of Audi Le Mans fame merely used teammate Jean-Eric Verne as his secondary brakes to make the corner. Common racing knowledge, eight brakes are better than four. Andre just wanted to ensure he was using the maximum braking power allotted to him at the current moment. Doing it while running 1-2 may be frowned upon in most teams but TechCheetah isn’t most teams. Their name is TechCheetah.

JEV lead home a 1-2 for the team meaning if Formula E ever actually becomes massively popular my future kid is going to see TechCheetah in the record books and look at it as confused as I did seeing Jordan listed in the F1 record books. Then being disappointed it wasn’t Michael Jordan. I digress though, congrats to TechCheetah and that entire team. It was actually a good race.

Supercross In Oakland

Supercross took a page out of the NASCAR schedule and transitioned from day to night Saturday in Oakland. A 4 pm local start set up for daylight heat races and then the mains under the lights. Supercross during the day is a weird look, like watching hockey outdoors. Something here just doesn’t seem right.

Four races into the season and no clear title front-runner saw Jason Anderson break through again in race five this weekend to assert himself as the early season favorite. The Husqvarna factory rider captured his second win of the season thanks to a mistake by Ken Roczen which set up a phenomenal final two laps.

Anderson continues to lead the points thanks in part to both Eli Tomac and Marvin Musquin crashing in Oakland. Anderson leads by 15 over Roczen who continues to be a consistent rider in 2018 after missing nearly all of 2017 with that gruesome arm injury.

Bathurst 12 Hour

A mere 5 days after the Rolex 24 at Daytona sports car drivers were back at it again down under where Danny McBride is still not remaking Crocodile Dundee. The Bathurst 12 Hour is strictly a GT race only and one that put on a hell of a show. The precursor to

To start the weekend off Will Davison decided to show off his driving skills at the top of the mountain. A causal 720 spin at 200 kph without hitting a thing makes you luckier than a wallaby crossing a busy expressway during mating season. Is that a thing?

On Saturday we were treated to a phenomenal race throughout the field. Audi and Mercedes went head to head on Sunday in Australia in an endurance that saw the dominant Audi come up short. The race was also ended due to a massive crash near the top of Mount Panorama.

With a little over 90 minutes to go leader Markus Winklehock was left stranded on circuit thanks to a driveline issue. With the leading Audi out the race was handed to Robin Frijins who managed to squeeze every last drop of fuel out of his car. Without the crash that ended the race Winklehock likely would have run out of gas. Nevertheless, the race was declared official and Winklehock was the winner.

NASCAR sponsor and habitual car smasher Kenny Habul managed to help his AMG Mercedes team bring home a second place finish. WHERE IS THAT LEVEL OF DRIVING IN NASCAR, KENNY?

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