Brad Keselowski Is Out Here Subtweeting Brian France In Real Life

Brad Keselowski views himself as the voice of NASCAR within the garage. A prophet who attempts to choose his words wisely but ultimately catches a beating on Twitter sometimes unfairly. Wednesday during media day he straight subtweeted NASCAR CEO Brian France in real life.

Google defines Subtweet: (on Twitter) a post that refers to a particular user without directly mentioning them, typically as a form of furtive mockery or criticism.

Brad had this to say about what he would change about NASCAR if he could. “I would change to where the leader is at the race track every weekend.” He never mentioned a specific name but the NASCAR world knew exactly who he was shooting at.

Brian Zachary France.

Keselowski took a straight shot at Brian France for his lack of track attendance. Very rarely does France show up at the race track somewhere around 4-6 times over the 38 week season. An astronomically low number considering NASCAR is still a family run sport. Brian has made it clear he is not his father but attending 1/8th of the races is a little questionable.

Tony Stewart made the same comments in 2016 where he called out Brian France for once again not being at the track and not being a visible leader. Roger Goodell to his credit is a visible commissioner who takes his beating from the fans. Brian France has refused to make himself accessible since taking over the sport.

As NASCAR struggles with ratings and the health of the sport the visual of a CEO that cares about the sport would go a long way. Instead, week in and out France is absent leaving everyone wondering if he’s ever going to come back with that pack of Winstons and gallon of milk he said he was leaving for.

For Brad Keselowski, though he’s starting the season hot out of the gates. Criticizing the head guy before cars even get on track. It’s a bold move and one NASCAR won’t soon forget. There’s a reason Tony killed Ralphie, he talked too much shit. Brad is walking that fine line.

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