RCR Will Run Only 2 Cars In 2018 According To Future Team Owner Austin Dillon

Richard Childress Racing will only have 2 full-time cars competing in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series in 2018. According to future team owner Austin Dillon, the team will consist of only him and Ryan Newman.

Richard Childress > Mike Dillon > Austin Dillon, the succession plan is in place. The heir to the throne has spoken.

The dynamic duo, the thick Batman and cowboy hat wearing Robin will not be joined by Jeffrey Earnhardt, of Earnhardt fame, to form the trifecta of greatness. Instead, Newman and Austin Dillon will be joined by a legion of satellite teams forming a Justice League like situation. Richard Petty Motorsports is now housed on campus in Welcome, NC. The team also supplies cars, engines, and support to Germain Racing’s #13 and Levine Family Racing’s #95. RCR will also support Danica’s Daytona 500 farewell with Premium Motorsports.

Even with all that income Pop Pop couldn’t crunch the numbers enough to get a third car on the track. Either that or the drivers available aren’t up to par with what RCR was looking for. Which you could make an argument there that…. nevermind. Keep in mind the most talented driver at RCR is racing in the Xfinity Series.

RCR did win 2 races in 2017, people forget that. Both were strategy wins but they put themselves in position to win. Maybe 2018 will be the resurgence of RCR. The team that never created a backup plan to losing their start drivers has had to regroup and rebuild following the loss of Kevin Harvick. Without Menard’s dead weight the other two cars could see an increase in competitiveness.

As for the charter from the #27 car. RCR has to sit on that charter for the season, they could lease it but they will definitely not be selling it. If it doesn’t run in 2018 there is the option that NASCAR could take it away the same way your parents took away your cell phone as a kid. You can have it back when you act right. NASCAR is in no position to do that though, they need all the cars they can get.

To recap. Future team owner Austin Dillon says no third car for his team in 2018. Sorry, Jeffrey Earnhardt fans.

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