Kurt Busch Says A New Ford Is Coming To NASCAR In 2019

Ford will finally stop being lazy in 2019 and bring a new car to the NASCAR Cup Series in the hopes their teams can remain competitive. If you’re a betting man you’ll slap some cash on the Mustang galloping (get it?) into the cup series.

Bob Pockrass the hardest working man in NASCAR media is out here scooping everyone on NASCAR Media Day. If you ever see him a race track you’ll understand. He’s out here posting the stories quicker than anyone else.

Bob recorded Kurt talking about defending his Daytona 500 win. Before that though Kurt said that Ford will have a new body for the 2019 season. Will Kurt be around to race it? Or will Cole Custer step up to the Cup series in the #41?

Ford has a chance here to do what the other two manufacturers couldn’t. The brain trust at the Ford aero show can look at both the Camry and the Camaro and take the positives of both cars and work it into theirs. It’s always nice to have two examples and be able to take the best parts of each one and put it into yours. It’s like plagiarizing but changing it just enough the software doesn’t tag it. You know what you did but damn does it feel good to slip past.

2018 hasn’t even started yet and we’re looking at 2019 already. Ford teams will have to suffer through the 2018 season first. Everyone expects Chevy teams to be on the level of Toyota by the time race #10 rolls around. Ford will need to get their wins in early because it could be a Chevy/Toyota blockade up front with Ford looking at ways to get through. Or cheat, cheating always works too. *cough* Penske *cough*.

The muscle car wars are coming to the cup series. Everyone loved when the old grand national races with the 1975 Camry’s rubbed fenders with the Mustangs. A magical era that NASCAR fans adore.

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