Fox Says Daytona Day Is Working, Fine But Change One Thing

Fox announced they would be bringing back the Daytona Day commercials for a third year. Much to the displeasure of actual NASCAR fans the commercials are working. At least that’s what Robert Gottlieb, probably didn’t steal a credit card like Doug, told Sports Business Journal.

49% of the audience is casual fans. Meaning 49% of the viewing audience were some of the lucky people to tune in at the right time for the race. The biggest problem with “Daytona Day” besides the whole “Daytona Day” being a thing part is the lack of details.

With the commercial Fox undoubtedly put a fair amount of production budget in to they fail to mention the Daytona 500 until the 23 second mark and then show the Daytona 500 logo for 2 seconds. All you know is there is something happening on February 18th. Other than that you’re left our.

If we have to continue these incredulous Daytona Day commercials let’s make a few changes to them

  • What the fuck is the commercial promoting. The race has a name, say the name. The Daytona 500 happens 2.18.18. Not Daytona Day, the Daytona 500 let’s just call it what it is. You don’t call it Super Bowl day because that sounds stupid. You don’t call it Indy Day because that’s downright preposterous and both words end in “y”.
  • Add the start time too. It’s not a check local listings thing. Fox doesn’t have anything else to show on Sunday the 18th at 2:30pm. Just put the damn start time on there, put the pre-race start time. It doesn’t matter just put a time. Instead casual fans are left thinking “it happens sometime, I hope I catch it” like they’re on the Donner pass in the 1800’s wondering if there is a storm coming. I guess channel guides are a thing but Americans are inherently lazy.

Just make those changes. Stop putting people on the roofs of houses, grilling out of the engine bay of a Camry and making every guy look hipster casual. He’s 47, give him some Nike Air Monarchs and a baby vest.

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