Ford’s Next NASCAR Cup Car Has To Be The 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500, Right?

Ford Motor Company is expected to show off a new Mustang Shelby GT500 this week at the Detroit Auto Show. That’s great news for everyone looking for a 700 horsepower muscle car to compete with the Camaro and Challenger. What we really care about though is the fact it will likely be the next NASCAR Cup Series car for Ford.

In the NASCAR Cup Series Ford currently races the Fusion. Teams have had the same essential body since 2013 with a minor tweak to the nose in 2016. Essentially Ford teams have been competing with the same body since 2013.  In that time Toyota is on their third body and at Daytona Chevy will have their brand new Camaro body.

What we’re trying to say here is Ford is way behind. Everyone else is living in 2037 and they’re still living in 2013.

Toyota’s Camry body is meticulously designed to get every aero advantage they possibly can. Look at it sometime, at the rights still photo angle it has a damn open wheel wing built into the grille. Take a look at the new Camaro body, the same thing with the Camry. It is designed to put a ton of front downforce into the car. NASCAR took away front end downforce for the 2016 season, the teams have gotten it all back and then some.

And that leaves Ford. Still putting around in their Fusion but still winning races. So will they stick with the status quo or will they finally upgrade their car for the 2019 season?

Ford superstar Brad Keselowski has begged for the company to put resources into creating a better body. He can see the company falling behind the other two manufacturers. When asked about how he felt 2018 would go Keselowski had this to say “but Ford doesn’t have any current plans for that (a new car). If that’s the case, we’re going to take a drubbing next year.”

2018 will almost certainly see Ford take a “drubbing.” The manufacturer won only 2 races on 1.5 tracks last season. One win at Pocono, one win at Sonoma, and one win at Richmond. Where the manufacturer did dominate was at the restrictor¬†plate tracks where they swept the season. In 2018 we could see them sweep the plate tracks again but wins on 1.5-mile tracks are going to be hard to come by when the other two have massive front downforce.

Bring In The Mustang

Ford has halted the redesign they had scheduled for the Fusion. Meaning the life of the vehicle may very well come to an end. If that happens the company will need a new model to run in NASCAR.

Hello, Mustang.

Bring the new 2020 Ford Mustang to the Cup series. The manufacturer currently races the Mustang in the Xfinity series, why not move it up to the Cup series as well?

The Mustang body could be designed to take advantages aero wise the same way Chevy and Toyota did. 2020 is going to be a new generation of Mustang. Maybe you want to give yourself a front win on the nose? Do it. Perhaps you want to design the air ducts to be aero efficient? Do it. Whatever you want, Ford. NASCAR has shown they will let the manufacturers take liberties with the designs.

Some people will complain about the Mustang being used in NASCAR. One writer, in particular, threw a hissy fit when Chevy announced the Camaro ZL1. Why? Because it isn’t a practical car to advertise to the typical family. Because a two-door, 700 horsepower non-existent Toyota Camry is. Bring the Shelby GT500 to the Cup series, if people can’t afford it there are other options much like the Camaro and Camry.

Bring the Mustang to the Cup series. Get Dodge back in with the Charger or Challenger and ramp the muscle car wars all the way up. Win on Sunday, sell on Monday. That mantra isn’t true anymore but you get the point.

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