Brad Keselowski, Not A Big Sex Guy

Just chill out, guys.

Brad Keselowski perceives himself as a deep thinker, the NASCAR Ayn Rand. A maverick in the garage if you will, shoutout Sarah Palin. A guy who isn’t afraid to speak his mind and go against the current. Solid middle American, American? Turns out he’s not a big casual sex guy and hates one night stands. Which is just blasphemous.

Matt Walsh is a hardcore conservative and big-time religious guy on Twitter dot com. He hates fun, meaning he uses Twitter to push his secular agenda and shame anyone who disagrees with his idea of a traditional relationship, etc. The worst kind of Twitter person right along the over the top SJW and the insufferable white knight who is actually a Matt Walsh fan.

Walsh commented on the Aziz Ansari sexual assault story that has been making the rounds. You can Google that story if you want. But Walsh wanted to chime in on people that have one night stands. Shockingly enough the guy who wrote The Unholy Trinity is against casual sex and one night stands. The Walsh family is going to be that family in your town that has 12 kids because sex is only used for reproduction. He has at least 8k people who agree with him and guess who one is.


Brad is not a big-time sex guy. He’s a confirmed one-time sex-haver though so congrats on the sex, bud! But apparently not a fan of the casual sex that is tearing this country apart. He certainly didn’t live the Tim Richmond life or that mid-2000’s NASCAR driver life. You know who I’m talking about, wore his hat backward, pretty popular, bleached his hair.

What really grinds my gears about this is the fact Matty Walsh Blog and Bad Brad are insinuating that only women can make these claims. Listen, it’s 2018 now, guys can be shamed too. This is an equal opportunity county, Walsh. Also, don’t demean the #MeToo movement because that will get you dragged through the internet streets.

Brad just needs to lay off the Twitter. Maybe don’t like tweets from a straight (in my opinion because Matt Walsh seems like a litigious guy) fucking nut case. This muppet thinks he’s doing God’s work. I don’t know God or JC on a personal level but I have to think he’s not worried about a one night stand.

Maybe Brad should have had some more sex before he got married. Plenty of pit lizards and waffle bellies out there for him. Tony Stewart said, “He (Brad) still plays with himself in the shower” on Dinner With Racers. Maybe that’s why he agrees with Walsh. Either way, just chill out bro.

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