What Will Danica’s Double Announcement Actually Be?

According to NASCAR Insider and general know it all Adam Stern of Sports Business Journal we could be getting a Danica update in the coming days;

Danica announced last year at the NASCAR finale in Homestead she would be retiring from full-time racing and would do the Daytona 500 and Indy 500 to close out her career. Thus creating the #DanicaDouble, a marketing dream, or so we thought.

So far this offseason there has been little to no information on where Danica would race. Nothing outside of a number of teams saying she wouldn’t be racing for them. Ganassi has announced that she won’t be with them, Schmidt Peterson Motorsports announced she won’t race for them, same with Andretti.

The biggest question in racing right now other than what did Kyle Larson do to piss off the gods is who will Danica race for?


If you wanted to put money on there is on logical NASCAR option for Danica and that is Richard Childress Racing. The team has a charter available for the #27 car. They have no full-time driver for it but rumor has it Jeffery Earnhardt is making a push for that ride as well.

Danica is looking for a competitive ride for the 500. She could certainly land a ride at BK Racing, Front Row or a smaller team like that. Having a chance to win is the priority. You wouldn’t join the Padres if you wanted to win a World Series. You don’t go to the Browns hoping to host the Lombardi. Danica is trying to land a ride that can put her towards the front.

RCR gives her the best chance to win the 500 or at least run-up front. ECR horsepower is generally really competitive, RCR would give her a competent pit crew. She should be able to turn in a respectable effort.


Danica hasn’t been in the Indy 500 since 2011 which may be why teams have been wary of signing her. Ganassi, SPM, and Andretti have all said Dancia will not be racing for them this year. Ganassi said they couldn’t come to an agreement, SPM didn’t want the distraction and Andretti are already fielding two rows.

So where is Danica going to end up? The likely spot is going to be Dryer-Reinbold Racing who will likely be fielding 2-cars at this year’s Indy 500.

Her brother in law is the team manager at DRR. Her dad said after her announcement that he heard DRR will be fielding 2-cars in 2018. DRR generally fields a car for Sage Karam, adding Danica into the fold would certainly create an interesting duo. Probably the best looking team on the grid and one of the most aggressive.

There has still been no news on who the sponsor will be. If this double was happening 5 years ago there would have been a line of sponsors waiting for her. In 2018 Danica’s star has weakened and finding a sponsor seems to be harder than before. There is the off chance Danica could be funding this herself. Maybe GoDaddy want’s to get the gang back together for one last ride.

One thing is for certain, she won’t abandon her plans.

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