FOX’s “Daytona Day” Commercial Fails To Mention What Daytona Day Is For

It’s back.

Much to the groan of every NASCAR fan in existence FOX is sticking with the “Daytona Day” promotion. The network double downed on the promotion with the above commercial.

This year instead of some stupid YouTube kids jingle aggravating everyone within earshot at the terminal gate. Instead, they opted for a nice middle-aged guy with some scruff, his hair a little mess, a casual jacket and a sick Chevelle to promote the biggest race of the year.

Oh, you didn’t know this was for a race did you?

Of course, you didn’t because the only mention of the actual race was the final two seconds of the commercial. Count them, 1, 2, end. That’s the only branding the DAYTONA 500 gets. But you know what. There is something called Daytona day happening, at some point that these random people will be celebrating. No mention of when Daytona Day is happening but it is so watch the cars.

FOX’s biggest issue is connecting with die-hard fans and the casual fan.

They attempt to make this guy too relatable. That cute groundhog line probably kills in the midwest. “Oh he is right, groundhogs are slow.” No shit, Roger.

Then our chubby Neegan like narrator walks out on the patio where the most absurd thing is happening.


“It’s the day we go fast again.” Who is going fast? Where are they going fast? What is this a commercial for?! Why are there people on the roof? Did everyone shop at Belk? Did the ladies buy their clothes from a NASCAR driver’s wife’s boutique? We need answers FOX.

“They say after the season ends there are three days that matter. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Daytona.” Except on the years, FOX has the Superbowl then that matters too.

The word Daytona is mentioned one time in the entire commercial, 22 seconds into a 30-second commercial. One time in 30 seconds is Daytona mentioned for the DAYTONA 500.

So to recap, Daytona is mentioned once and the Daytona 500 is promoted for a total of 2.5 seconds in a 30-second commercial. No one has any clue when the Daytona 500 actually is. They never even mention the start time. So on the off chance, someone casual does tune in should they turn Fox on at 7 am and just hope to catch it some point before the day is over?

Fox needs to do better. They owe it to the fans, the sport, everyone involved. Daytona Day isn’t a thing, it’s a race, not a holiday. We don’t call it Super Bowl day because that would be stupid. The only day is Derby Day when the entire commonwealth ceases to operate. Other than that let’s just celebrated the Daytona 500.

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