Kyle Larson Keeps Winning This Time At The Opening Night Of The Chili Bowl

Hot off three wins down in New Zealand Kyle Larson came back to the states and just kept his barnstorming tour going. This time he won the A-feature Tuesday night at the Chili Bowl putting him in the A-feature Saturday night and a chance to race for the golden driller.

Larson has never won the Chili Bowl but it hasn’t been for a lack of trying. This year he is behind the wheel of a car owned by his dad for the first time since his karting days as a kid. (Insert your Kyle looking like/being a kid still joke here). Larson started the A-feature in 2nd and it didn’t take him long to take the iRacing sponsored midget to the front and never look back.

Earlier in the night during the Vacuworx Invitational Race of Champions Larson came in a close second to Arizona’s Chad Boat. Anyone following along at that point thought this would just be another Kyle Larson runner-up kind of night. He’s made a career out of finishing second it seems like.

Tuesday’s A-feature was different for Larson. On a Lap 5 restart, Larson got to the outside of the leader and pole sitter Zach Daum off turn 4 and never looked back. Taking the checkered flag and his 4 preliminary night win in his Chili Bowl career.

It was the battle the last two transfer spots to Saturday’s A-feature that everyone turned to after Larson took the lead. Brad Sweet in third put Zach Daum in his crosshairs as the two traded spots back and forth until¬† Daum stalled his car after hitting the brakes to avoid a flipping car.

Sweet took second and ended his 5-year drought of missing the Saturday A-feature and making the podium a future family affair. Tyler Courtney rounded out the podium and punched the last ticket to Saturday on Tuesday night.

Larson is still searching for that coveted Chili Bowl victory that has eluded him. 2018 may finally be his year, he’s driving the best he ever has and confidence is key. Look for Larson to be in contention Saturday night.

The best part of the Chili Bowl opening nights is the flip counter. We’re currently at 12, whoever is the 25th driver to flip this week will receive a free HANS device. You wreck, you get a prize!

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