Fernando Alonso Isn’t Going To Run The Daytona 500, Stop It

It’s the NASCAR off season which means any little big of news is a huge bit of news.

With the east coast entering the second ice age and the IMSA season about to kick off in Daytona there was bound to be some news. This weekend it was all centered around 2-time F1 World Champion Fernando Alonso as he prepares to take on his first Rolex 24 at Daytona.

Of course between his practice sessions of being 1.7s off the pace,  Alonso had a lot of time on his hands to talk. Being at Daytona the media was obligated to ask a question about racing NASCAR and the Daytona 500.

“NASCAR driving techniques are very unique,” he said. “So we would need a lot of practice and another test before making that adventure. And at the moment I don’t have enough weekends free for that.

“No plans yet. But definitely after being here for the 24 Hours, definitely I will watch the race on television to see Daytona, the speedway, and enjoy that (NASCAR) race.”

People are going to take that “no plans yet” and be like, ALONSO MIGHT RUN NASCAR.

Fernando Alonso will never race a NASCAR race car in an actual race. He may test one at some point but he’ll never race one. NASCAR racing is so far outside the realm of what he is used to. Alonso wants to be competitive, he won’t be initially in NASCAR. That’s not a knock on him, stock cars are heavy and difficult to get a feel for. Look at Dario.

Race fans should be happy Alonso wants to race so many events outside of Formula One. He ran the Indy 500, he’s running the Rolex 24 and the 24 of LeMans this season. What more can you want from the guy?

Hopefully United Autosport finds some speed/throw a Cadillac motor in that Liger because they are slooooowwwww right now.

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