Dave Moody Thinks These Drivers Didn’t Bring Money, Only Talent

Resident NASCAR SiriusXM radio mouthbreather Dave Moody penned a blog today that completely ignored facts.

Essentially the point of Moody’s blog was drivers can still make it to the pinnacle of stock car racing based on talent alone. He then proceeded to list off drivers that all started in the NASCAR boom from basically 1998-2005/2006. His only real answer to guys that have made it on talent alone was Larson.

He was wrong with his take. If you want to make it to the Cup series or any of the three NASCAR touring series you’ll likely have to have a sponsor or bring money. That’s just how the sport is now, it’s high school sports. You pay to play and hope to make it big. You’re going to see fewer and fewer guys pull a Larson until companies want to invest in NASCAR again.

Moody took exception to people being like “well Dave you’re wrong.” Most drivers that “make it” now have sponsorship. The driver’s that have made it came in at a time when owners signed drivers and then found sponsors. Now it’s the other way around. Moody though listed off a few guys he thought made it on “talent” this year to the Xfinity and truck series.

These are the guys Moody thinks didn’t bring a sponsor/money, he’s your local sports columnist who doesn’t watch the games but writes a column about them.

Let’s break down the drivers he said brought talent:

William Byron: Liberty University never sponsored a race car until Byron went to Liberty. There’s something between his father and the crazy ass Fallwells that’s aided this. Either way, Willy B brought money to KBM, JRM and now Hendrick Motorsports. The kid can wheel though.

Justin Allgaier: That Brandt sponsorship didn’t follow him from the Cup series by coincidence. Much like Sadler and One Main Financial, Brandt has hitched their wagon to Justin. No one even knows what Brandt does, but hey they’re dropping cash. UPDATE: they make farm chemicals, are they Monsanto? We’ll dive deeper at some point.

Daniel Hemric: Dave clapped back at me on Twitter. Saying Hemric didn’t bring money. While I have no proof Blue Gate Bank hopped on his car in 2017 and they weren’t in racing before that point. A bank with one location doesn’t seem like the kind of place that wants to grow their brand at RCR on the other side of the damn country without some sort of personal connection.

Brennan Poole: DC Solar is his sponsor, he brought that along. Whether it was him or his girlfriend that set it up, someone did. Side note, super skeptical of these solar energy sponsors, seems like the new weightloss sponsor. Here and gone in a few years. Or until Kenny Habul crashes enough racecars to put himself out of business. DC Solar is hopefully run better.

Matt Tifft: Brings along Tunity (something to do with brains) and a litany of other sponsors. That #19 car had a different sponsor every week it seemed but he still brings money.

Ryan Reed:  Moody can’t be serious with this one. Ryan 100% brought the Lilly sponsorship, the one-time having Diabetes is sweet. Without that sponsorship, he’s not in racing based on his “talent.”

Christopher Bell: Maybe the only guy besides Briscoe that is here on talent. JBL is a Toyota sponsor, TRD backs him and DC Solar did for the Las Vegas race. Safe to say Bell isn’t bringing sponsorship or a personality.

Austin Cindric: Are you fucking serious, Moody? His talent didn’t get him anything because he wasn’t better than the guy he replaced. When your dad runs Team Penske you get special treatment. Austin is the coaches son on the football team who is always the quarterback even though you can out throw him by a country mile.

Ben Rhodes: Ever heard of Alpha Energy Solutions? Nope, not unless you live in Kentucky, Indiana or Ohio and need your AC fixed. But you have now because he brought them to racing.

Chase Briscoe: Actually talented, Moody should have picked this name to clap back with. Still, believe he’s the most talented Ford development driver they will ultimately squander and watch succeed in a Chevy or Toyota.

Kaz Grala: Honestly Moody is fucking with us now. You think Kiklos Virgin Olive Oil was so in awe of this kid they wanted to hop on his truck?

Noah Gragson: Switch wasn’t in NASCAR until Noah came along. Naturally, they saw his marketability and dashing frat boy looks and wanted to hop on the side of his truck. He’s from Vegas, they’re from Vegas just a coincidence. While talented, definitely aided by the help of sponsors.

No surprise here, Moody is wrong. But he’s the “godfather” and people will listen to his sermons every day like it’s the word of god himself. Racing business models change, you have to bring money to a ride now.

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