Here Is What Conor Daly Actually Said About NASCAR’s Xfinity Series

NASCAR media loves to sensationalize any little bit of news, especially in the offseason. One mid-pack IndyCar driver mentions he’d like to do some NASCAR racing and all of a sudden it is front page news on every NASCAR site.

Currently unemployed IndyCar driver Conor Daly said on Marshall Pruett’s podcast “This week in IndyCar” that he would be interested in NASCAR’s Xfinity series. Only if he can’t get an IndyCar deal together for the 2018 season.

Many people are reporting and tweeting that Daly wants to join the Xfinity series. That’s not what he said, in the words of one Donald J. Trump that’s some “fake news.” Here is the exact quote from the horse’s mouth.

“I’d love to try and do NASCAR stuff,” Daly said. “I’ve been trying to talk to Xfinity Series teams about their road course races. I think that would be very entertaining. I think it would be a great idea. I obviously love my IndyCar family, but if there’s no possibilities there and there seems to be some chances to be had in the NASCAR world, then I’m certainly going to take it because I want to drive anything that I can.”

He wants to race the ROAD COURSE races. Conor isn’t about to throw his hat in the ring for a ride at Texas anytime soon. He does know how to turn left and right while braking deep into a corner. Most NASCAR guys despise the road courses, give Conor a shot in the #22 or #12 or whatever car RCR is going to give to McDowell.

People are out here acting like Daly said he wants to run the Xfinity series full time and take a ride from someone. The guy doesn’t have funding for a full-time IndyCar ride, that’s the same price as a full-time Xfinity time. Maybe a little less, either way, he doesn’t have the funds to race Xfinity full time.

Daly likely can find the funding for 3-4 Xfinity races on road courses. Shane Hmiel was in a twitter argument with Conor last night because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. His argument was a guy who wins the All American 400 or another short track races deserves a ride before Daly. Completely ignoring what Daly said, that short track guys likely don’t want a road course ride and that money drives everything.

Put Conor Daly in a Xfinity car. Let’s see what he can do on a road course, why not? He knows how to drive, his career path has plateaued but that doesn’t mean he can’t drive.

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