Brian France Wants To Buy The Carolina Panthers, Just Kidding He Doesn’t, But Kind Of Does

NASCAR CEO and sweat machine extraordinaire Brian France was reportedly leading a group that is interested in purchasing the Carolina Panthers.

Current Panthers owner Jerry Richardson is selling the team in the wake of sexual harassment allegation. He will be looking to cash out in early 2018 by selling the Panthers. Forbes recently estimated the worth of the Panthers at $2.3B.

Can Brian France afford $2.3B? Absolutely not. Brian has an estimated net worth of $1B according to Forbes even after his wife accounted for half of Florida’s GDP for her friends and family. You can do the math, $1B doesn’t equal $2.3B. It will take a large portion of his net worth to purchase the Panthers.

Brian France currently serves as the CEO of NASCAR, adding an NFL franchise into his portfolio would be huge for his toy collection. As NASCAR CEO he has implemented The Chase, The Playoffs, Stage Racing, Gen 6 cars, all while watching the ratings and popularity plummet.

Buying The Panthers

France is rumored to be the face of an investment group that is interested in purchasing the Panthers. According to reports, he would be the majority owner of the franchise with a number of minority owners. Best case scenario he teams up with Diddy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, and Sean Combs, to purchase the Panthers. Old money meets new money.

NFL franchises are hard to come by. Brian France is a household name in Charlotte, North Carolina, it only makes sense he wants to own the franchise even though he spends as little time as possible in North Carolina.

Will he actually buy the team? Doubtful. He openly supported Donald Trump and that’s essentially the same as walking around with a scarlet letter today. He’d lose the locker room in a heartbeat but to think the rest of the old white guy owners aren’t Trump guys is asinine. He’d likely get approved even with the media scrutiny but the money aspect might not add up.

NASCAR Denies Interest

NASCAR issued a statement Wednesday night saying “NASCAR denies the accuracy of the WCNC report. Brian France is not involved.”

Well damn.

This is an unfortunate development. Brian France owning an NFL team and being a worse owner than the Bengals Mike Brown would have been fun to watch. Looking at Cam Newton’s face when he met Brian would have been must-watch television. Now, nothing.

NASCAR Fans Needed This

Brian France said back in 2008 that he doesn’t envision himself running NASCAR as long as his father did. This was the out he needs. If Brian buys the Panthers he’ll want to focus on running that franchise. He won’t have time for NASCAR anymore.

It’s a rarity to see Brian at the race track. We’re told he does a ton behind the scenes but many drivers have had negative things to say about him. If he truly doesn’t want to run NASCAR forever this would be the perfect out for him. According to NASCAR though that out has been squandered so we can all sulk back to our couches.

Ben Kennedy should be the future CEO of NASCAR if they want to keep it in the family.

Ps. Brian France definitely wants to own the Panthers. Don’t let that NASCAR statement fool you. In the words of Alex Jones, it’s a false flag.

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