Did Stoffel Vandoorne Cuck Sage Karam?

Stoffel Vandoorne cucked the hell out of Sage Karam as the calendars changed to 2018.

Vandroorne celebrated the New Year in Miami and posted a picture with Anna de Ferran daughter of Indy 500 Gil de Ferran and former girlfriend of Sage Karam.

N Y E dinner 💫 Wishing everyone a verry Happy New Year 2018! #NewYear

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Poor Sage Karam. He gets dropped from his IMSA ride with 3GT Lexus and the next thing he sees is his ex-girlfriend out to dinner with an F1 driver. You never want to see your girl out to eat with an F1 driver when you’re a race car driver. Those guys are the cocksmen of the racing ranks. With their accents and their tight fitting clothes. American girls love that sort of thing.

Sure Sage is a model with that one agency that starts with a “W.” But he’s from Pennsylvania, not exactly the most exotic location in the world. That shitty Philly/Lancaster accent isn’t going to win anyone over in a bar that’s from Miami.

Being a professional driver is awesome regardless of what series. Formula One outranks IMSA though every day of the week. Stoffel came in sweet talking in dutch a langue known for being romantic and obviously Anna was so swooned by the Belgian native. Those waffles and chocolate are definitely worth it.

You have to feel bad for Sage though, it’s been a tough year for him. He had a battery issue take him out of the Indy 500. Later in the IMSA season, he got into a fight with Andy Lally on Twitter and then wouldn’t face Lally in person. Then he gets dropped by his IMSA team and now his ex is out with an F1 driver.

364 more days for 2018 to be better than 2017, Sage. Robin Miller is still in your corner. You trade one smokeshow girlfriend for another but you always have Robin Miller to fall back on if you need someone.

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