Robby Gordon Says Jeremy Mayfield Should Come Run Stadium Super Trucks

Jeremy Mayfield remains unemployed following his NASCAR suspension in 2009. Former Kranefuss Racing product Robby Gordon owns the Stadium Super Truck series and he has an idea.

Get Jeremy Mayfield in the Stadium Super Truck series.

Gordon told the Dinner With Racers podcast that he would fully welcome Jeremy Mayfield to the series. If you haven’t started listening to DWR yet, you owe it to yourself to listen. The amount of untold stories and additional information you will get is unreal. Also, it’s free, three seasons of free podcasts. Did we mention, IT’S FREE?

Robby Gordon extended the olive branch to Mayfield. “There are two sides to every story” meaning he was open to hearing Mayfield’s side. “If he can adhere to USAC rules we’d welcome him with open arms.” USAC sanctions the SST meaning all drivers have to adhere to their rules.

If Mayfield can pass a drug test he could join the series.

Passing a drug test has been Mayfield’s career downfall, however. Two failed NASCAR drug tests for meth have resulted in him remaining suspended since 2009.

Since that suspension, Mayfield has lost most of his career earnings/savings, his 400-acre property, and credibility. Instead of racing NASCAR, Mayfield has resorted back to dirt track racing. Living in a normal modest suburban neighborhood and remaining out of the spotlight.

Robby Gordon, however, wants to give Mayfield a chance to get back into that spotlight. Does Mayfield have any off-road experience? No, not outside of some ATV riding and dirt track racing. Drivers are drivers though and Jeremy Mayfield could drive.

One suggestion put an SST race at Pocono and Mayfield wins every time.

It’d be great to see Mayfield get back into a national series and one that is on television on the regular. And as Robby Gordon points out has a bigger social media reach than IndyCar and almost NASCAR. Mayfield could rebuild his brand.

If you haven’t listened to the Robby Gordon Dinner With Racers definitely do yourself a favor and do that. Then listen to the rest of the seasons because they’re that good.

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