Carlin Racing FINALLY Joins Indycar With Ganassi B-Team 2.0


Few things in life have been teased and talked about more than Carlin joining IndyCar. For years we heard Trevor Carlin would be bringing his race team to IndyCar. Every offseason we heard that. And guess what? IT NEVER HAPPENED.

Until now.

Carlin Racing is finally coming to IndyCar a decade after the first rumors. Carlin will be taking the Ganassi B-Team and taking them full-time racing in 2018. A revival of the forgotten about Ganassi drivers, the 2.0 version could actually be a high performing team after they get out of their growing pains.

Max Chilton and Charlie Kimball will make up the driver line up for Carlin. The team joins IndyCar with 2-full time Chevrolet powered cars. Both cars are fully sponsored, Chilton with Gallagher and Kimball with Novo Nordisk.

Carlin joining in 2018 makes perfect sense. Every team is on near equal footing thanks to the introduction of the spec aero kit. The only area they will lack in will be damper setup which is a huge part of being fast in IndyCar.

Following the early success of Harding Racing last year with Gabby Chaves it isn’t crazy to think Carlin could have some pretty favorable results in the 2018 season. Chilton and Kimball both get around Indianapolis really well. Each driver has been hit or miss recently but a stable team with equal footing could prove to be beneficial for both drivers.

This announcement is great news for IndyCar as well. A new owner is joining the series with a 2-car effort. Granted it’s essentially just the two Ganassi cars from last year in terms of field size but it’s still a new team. IndyCar needs new blood in the sport, Carlin is that new blood. This team could expand to three cars in the future and that would be an additional car in the field. If Ganassi goes to three cars in the future that’s now two new cars in the field. You get where we’re going here? This is a great thing for the sport.

Also, Carlin trolled me this morning. Woke up, looked at the mentions and saw Carlin liked this tweet. Hours later, announcement. I see you, Carlin.

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