Daniil Kvyat Will Fit Right In If He Joins Formula E

Just divingĀ into all Formula E things this week. Watched a full race weekend now getting in on some driver news. Don’t say ApexOff doesn’t cover all facets of racing.

Russian heat-seeking missile Daniil Kvyat is being talked about for an FE ride after he tests a car in January. The Red Bull product and now outcast is looking for a new home. Thankfully for him, FE is a prime destination for F1’s forgotten about young guys. And Nick Heidfeld.

One thing I’ve learned about watching FE on various YouTube clips is there are a lot of crashes. Generally due to the car behind running into the car in front and sending them for a spin. The circuits are narrow with low-speed corners so that lends to using the NASCAR “chrome horn” to move people out of the way. With cars crashing into each other each weekend this sounds like a perfect place for Daniil Kvyat.

The Russian product was dropped from Red Bull Racing last season because he wouldn’t stop running into people. Most notably Sebastian Vettel in Russia who said “CRASHED” in one of the best radio clips of the year.

Formula E might be the best place for Kvyat. He’s also testing a Euro NASCAR car as well. Two series perfectly fit to host the Russian. Both series have strong noses like Tony Kanaan, both series seem to embrace the bump and run method.

Daniil With Two I’s Can Still Do It

Kvyat can still wheel a race car. You aren’t paid to be in F1 if you don’t have talent. From the best, we can tell Kvyat never brought money with him to Red Bull or Toro Rosso. He was there because Red Bull spent a ton of money developing him. Red Bull as a team has proven they can develop drivers, whoever gets Kvyat is getting a solid driver.

But he also crashes. A lot. So you take the good with the bad. He’s like a young Kyle Larson. Quick but expensive. A young James Stewart minus the race wins if that makes sense to anyone outside of the 235k people who watch Supercross. You know he has the talent you just don’t know how to tap it. Like a keg without a tap, you’re stuck staring at it pondering if a hammer could do the job.

Here are some FE wrecks. Daniil is going to fit in amazingly.

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