This Year We’re Committed To Formula E: Hong Kong Recap

Every other major racing series in the world takes the winter off. Even the V8 Supercars series takes the northern hemisphere winter off, guys it’s summer in the south keeps racing. With nothing on TV to watch other than whatever random Blancpain Series CBS Sports Network is showing we’re left with nothing.

This season Formula E enters their 4th season and we’re committed to following the championship. If manufacturers are going to pump ungodly amounts of money into this, we might as well see what all the hype is about. 2017-2018 is all about the electric cars! Until the Daytona 24 and the Daytona 500 then we’ll 1000% forget about FE until the finale.

Round 1: Hong Kong

Not going to lie here. Saw this race was happening at 2 am eastern time both Saturday and Sunday morning and immediately knew I would not be watching them live. F1 can get me out of bed/to stay up. FE does not have that level of priority in my life. Explaining why I’m sitting on the couch at 2 am watching large RC cars is not a conversation I want to have with the girlfriend.

Race 1 was won by Sam Bird, former Mercedes F1 young driver test participant took the trophy. Driving for the DS Virgin team which is really a fancy name for Citroen with Richard Branson. Bird got a drive-through penalty for hitting his crew member with his car. Nothing like adding insult to injury, amirite guys?

Bird recovered from the drive-through to maintain his lead and win the race. There was a Macau style pile up in the chicane as well as a number of other spins thanks to the slow confined corners in Hong Kong.

Jean-Eric Vergne from Toro Rosso fame finished second. Nick Heidfeld is still alive and rounding out podiums and still not winning any races at a high professional level. Stout driver though, when he dies people are going to say “That guy really knew how to bring a car home in one piece, no trophies though but that car was clean.”

Race 2: Hong Kong (Again)

What is one way to make your championship consist of more races? Make each weekend a doubleheader, you see 9 weekends, they see 18 races.

So we racked them up on Sunday and did this horse and pony show again in front of hundreds of confused Chinese locals. Well, Hong Kong is technically their own country so local Hong Kongites?

Race 2 was pretty eventful. Lots of contact, some quality passes and Eduardo Mortara threw the race away. A spin on the penultimate lap saw the Venturi driver hand the race to Daniel Abt on his birthday.

To quote the great Lee Corso “NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND.”

Abt had the win stripped away after the bar codes on the inverter and MGU on his car didn’t match with the barcodes the team provided to the FIA pre-race. Imagine changing your starting pitcher after the first inning but make him wear the original starter’s jersey and not tell anyone.  That handed the win to Felix Rosenqvist from Mahindra Racing, the tractor maker from India. Remember when Rosenqvist was being considered for the Ganassi ride? That would have been fun to see him slide it into Long Beach.

Nevertheless, Round 1/2 of the FE season are over. The series packs up in Hong Kong and heads to Marrakesh, Morocco on January 13th, 2018. Headed into the New Year and we’re going to Africa! Also just looked at the FE calendar, turns out there are only 3 doubleheaders but that makes up 6 of the 14 rounds. So basically all of them.

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