Would Dale Jr. Make A Good NASCAR President?

Dale Jr. went on the Dan Patrick Show where he said he wants to be in a “Mike Helton” role someday.


It’s literally¬† NASCAR fan’s dream. Southerners have been saying this for years. God, Dale Jr, Country. Now they can add President to Dale’s name. Albeit NASCAR President, he’s still the President of something and that’s all that matters to most people. They’ll make flags, coffee cups, teddy bears, all to celebrate their new fearless leader.

Dale Jr. admitting that he wants to be President is actually a huge step to making it happen. Like a 12 step program the first step is admission. Dale has accomplished that first step. Being President of NASCAR would certainly be something.

Would Dale Jr. Make A Good President?

Talking about being President is really easy, being President is really hard. Look at that ole’ boy in the White House. Any jabroni can sit on their couch and fire off some tweets. Not everyone can run an actual country. Granted NASCAR isn’t a country but you have to deal with the most insane, illiterate, passionate fan base in the country.

Dale can do it though.

The people love Dale Jr. Everyone loves him, he’s just a likable guy for the most part. His ideas are the general consensus of what people want. He’s honest to a fault at times, no more hiding behind the NASCAR shield. Dale would come right out and say “we fucked up.”

Also he would immediately make the competition better. Bye bye front splitters, the next season would be the return of valance. Dale would get the series back to the days of old when cars weren’t so dependent on front downforce.

Honestly that’s the biggest thing NASCAR fans want. Race cars that aren’t so aero dependent that a small bump will ruin your day. A bump against the wall Denny Hamlin at Phoenix style will destroy your car. As President Dale Jr will look to make NASCAR strong again.

All rise for President Dale Jr.

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