Shocking Development: Flawlessly Ran Faraday Future No Longer Part Of Formula E

Burgeoning electric car startup Faraday Future is no longer a part of the Dragon Racing Formula E team. In a shocking development, the car company is known for their extreme competency and professionalism withdrew from the sport. Dragon Racing will continue on in 2017-2018 as a non-manufacturer team.

If there’s one thing you can say about Faraday Future it’s that those guys pay their bills on time. LeCeo and CEO Jia Yueting are known for being upstanding in the business world. They never debuted a car that they didn’t have because it was stuck in Europe. Nope, that’s not them. They never promised a 300 million square foot facility in North Las Vegas to the tune of $1B only to rescind on that and move into an old Pirelli plant in California. No, these are upstanding people.

Faraday Future has a kick-ass logo and that’s about it. Their plans to build a production car are there, they look great on paper, they look great in a keynote. Surprisingly enough FF found out that making cars is actually hard as hell. So while they figured out how to be the next Tesla they decided to go racing.

Teaming up with the Nantucket piss boy himself, Faraday Future hitched their sometimes operational wagon to Jay Penske’s Dragon Racing team. Penske likely couldn’t get ahold of someone in the FF office, the business car he had was 2 CEOs ago. Jay Penske teaming up with FF is a match made in heaven. Jay showed up to the 2011 Indy 500 with Ho-Pin Tung and Scott Speed. One of the all-time worst driver lineups with Scott Speed pulling out, Patrick Carpentier failing to qualify and Ho-Pin Tung walling it in quali. Penske/FF were made for each other in a lab of bad decision making.

Dragon Racing to their credit has 2 FE wins with Jerome d’Ambrosio who contrary to his last name is not Brazilian but rather he’s from Belgium. Their 2016-2017 season was less than stellar. An 8th place finish in the championship and 6 retirements for the team was a mediocre season. ALl that bad juju from FF wore off on them, now they’re free and clear.

Faraday Future is never going to actually produce a road care. The company is a mirage in the western deserts, a dream that will never come to fruition. There is no water there, it simply doesn’t exist. Now they’re out of racing and their kickass logo was all for naught.

Apex Off did not call Dragon Racing or Faraday Future. If you’re looking for an actual quote you can call their office but that whirling noise you hear is the continuous stream of departing and new arriving employees.

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