Here Is The New Formula One Logo: Welcome To Faucet One

There it is. Liberty Media’s final silver stake through the heart of the Bernie Ecclestone regime. Out with the 20-year-old Formula One logo, we have all known to love and cherish as the beacon of open-wheel motorsports. Insert the new, modern, more sleek logo. We’re welcoming in a new era.

Faucet 1.

This logo STINKS. What the hell is this, it’s the Formula 2 logo just a more modern tweak to it. Just in F1 form and looks more like a faucet than the F2 logo.

The F1 logo was old, outdated, ancient, dusty, and represent the old boys club that was incredibly exclusive. Liberty Media wanted to shed the exclusiveness of the old logo. The negative view of the sport was associated with that old logo. Yet that’s the logo we all fell in love with as kids. It flashed across the screen and you knew. Schumacher was about to put on a clinic, the tire debacle,  Alonso coming in to break up the status quo, Phil Massa at Interlagos in 2008,  Vettel was going for 4 in a row. Just so many memories.

Now the new F1 logo looks like a Delta faucet. It looks like you can crank on the #1 and water will come pouring out of what is the “F.” Can’t wait to draw a bath and enjoy some F1 action with Liberty Media.

It’s clean. It’s modern. It’s what Liberty Media wants for the new vision of F1. Something that appeals to everyone, something that has no association with the old Formula One regime. Bernie Ecclestone is dead, his F1 ceases to exist after Abu Dhabi this weekend. It’s the end of an era, one that should have ended long ago but one that will be remembered as one of the most interest eras in racing history. Bernie was a dick, a pompous old man but a ruthless businessman. He built a product we all love and strived to do it. In the end, F1 wouldn’t be here without his vision.

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