NASCAR Switching To More 2-Day Shows In 2018, Which Means Less Practice?


NASCAR’s resident insider Adam Stern had another scoop today. Nope not the Danica scoop, he missed out on that to someone from the USA today who really wanted to pat themselves on the back for getting it. No, Adam broke a bigger story;

NASCAR will be running two-day schedules more in 2018. This season that meant practice on Saturday and then qualifying Sunday morning before the race. In 2018 according to not NASCAR President Brent Dewar, there will be no qualifying on Sunday.

In 2017 Sunday qualifying didn’t pit road selections, the previous race did. That was a huge talking point late in the season especially during the Martinsville weekend where pit road selections were set based on the Kansas qualifying results. In 2018 that will not happen.

No qualifying on Sunday means one of two things. Either NASCAR is going to have two 45 minute practices Saturday and qualifying the same day. Or one 45 minute practice on Saturday and then qualifying with a practice session Sunday morning. The first is way more likely to happen. NASCAR teams would lose their minds if there was a Sunday warmup like IndyCar.


Then you roll out the backup car and start from the back. Don’t wreck, pretty noble concept but it’s easy.

Less practice would be good for Cup teams too. There is no reason they should have 3 hours of practice a weekend. 90 minutes is the perfect amount of time. If you can’t set up a car in that time just pack up and go home.

Two-day shows are fun. It’s weird not having Friday action but the weekend is more jam-packed. Sure I’ll miss throwing up a practice session on my monitor and staring my boss down when he looks at me like wtf are you watching racing at work? But it makes the weekend more efficient.

Eddie Gossage was reportedly not happy with this decision. He is currently printing up banners about having the only true race weekend on the calendar. Something about more action than the other tracks or something. His refusal to break out a calculator is befuddling.

This is a good move by NASCAR for the fans and the industry. Can’t say that very often.

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