What We Learned From Radioactive After Phoenix

What did we learn from Radioactive at Phoenix? A fair amount actually but nothing earth shattering other than Denny Hamlin is now a mute. Also Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus continue to be NASCAR’s most verbally abusive couple. Here is what we learned;

  • Brad Keselowski needs more information that just “on the bottom.” But really what else was Joey Meier supposed to tell him? The exact amount of inches they were running from the line? On the bottom is on the bottom Brad. Just know it’s not the second or third lane. It’s literally on the bottom.
  • Chad Knaus and Jimmie Johnson continued their bickering as the marriage has definitely hit it’s middle aged years when the kids leave the home and you’re stuck with one another. Chad is mad Jimmie won’t run the top, Jimmie is mad Chad can’t read the lap times. The Jimmie pulls the classic “your radio is breaking up.” Which we’ve all done, take a candy wrapper and crumple it by the phone to make it sound like you’re losing someone. Classic.
  • Kyle Larson’s crew chief Chad Johnston sounds miserable. That “awesome” response after Kyle says he’s blowing up pretty much summed up the last month for those boys. Homestead can turn it around for them or they’re spending the whole offseason second guessing themselves.
  • Dale Jr. is very perplexed as to how the SAFER barrier caught fire after Buescher’s wreck. “I just don’t get it.” One of life’s bigger questions fell upon Dale like a gold tablet hitting Joseph Smith in the dome. Only Dale didn’t have the answers but he had legions of follower to explain it.
  • Dale Jr. also doesn’t give a fuck about Chase Elliott during the race. TJ Majors tells him Chase is running for the lead and Dale’s like what the fuck ever dude. Testy Dale on the radio is a very strange Dale.
  • Literally everyone on the radios knew the #24 and the #11 were by each other and something was bound to happen. “Watch the #24 and the #11” was on everyone’s channels.
  • Apparently Denny didn’t talk on the radio at all during the race. Nothing after the #24 squeezed him, nothing after the team told him the tire was rubbing and nothing after he hit the wall. Denny Hamlin known for his mental fortitude stayed silent.
  • The #78 team has seemingly been team Chase in this entire ordeal with the #11. At Martinsville they said Denny dumped him. On Sunday Cole Pearn said “Yeah, Karma” when talking about what happened with Truex. Very strange to see them not on the #11 teams side.
  • Brad was very aware of the points the entire race too. Drivers never want to talk about points during the race but Keselowski was very aware of a running points standing in his head. Kind of cool to see him race and do the math at the same time.

Did we learn anything from Phoenix? Not really other than Hamlin is a mute. The #78 team is #TeamChase. And Dale Jr. continues to be a dick but also wildly entertaining on the radio. Homestead should be interesting if there’s a late race caution.

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