Lewis Hamilton’s Team Held Up At Gun Point Leaving The Track Friday In Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil isn’t known as the friendliest place in the world for tourists. Thousands of stories from foreigners about being robbed, held at gunpoint, their cars being stopped, etc. Each year when Formula One travels to Brazil this is an issue and the FIA/F1 have done exactly nothing to stop it.

Friday leaving the circuit it was Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes team that was the unfortunate team to get stopped. From what Hamilton said on Twitter his team was held up at gunpoint, warning shots were fired, a gun was held to someone’s head. It’s not a great look for Brazil but it has been happening for years.

Every single year this happens. We always wake up on a Saturday or Sunday and see these same types of stories. In 2010 while with McLaren Jenson Button was ambushed with machine guns in Brazil. In 2017 the same shit is still happening with little to no help from FOM or anyone else associated with the sport.

The Mercedes team wasn’t the only one to encounter Brazilian gangs on Friday;

How many of these incidents does F1 need before something gets done? Brazil is an awesome race, the fans are incredible and Interlagos is a fun track. However, it’s not worth anyone dying. Even if I do live the Brazilian call going “brasiiiiiilllllllll.” The race and the people aren’t good enough to sacrifice a person or two each year. No race is.

Maybe it’s time F1 looks to Argentina and moves the race there. It’s either that or full military style escorts because Brazil can’t get their shit under control. In 2014 there were 60,000 murders in Brazil and nearly all were by guns.  That makes America’s gun violence look like child’s play, for comparison in the US gun deaths usually falls between 8,000-9,000 a year. Maybe Liberty Media should look at their future in Brazil.

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