Brendan Gaughan v. Ross Chastain: The Rivalry NASCAR Needs

Ross Chastain is the new bad boy of NASCAR. First, he clocked Jeremy Clements at Bristol in the spring. Now he’s throwing hands with NASCAR’s lowest center of gravity Brendan Gaughan.

This time Chastain was merely getting out of his car when it sounds like all hell broke loose. In his own words, Chastain said this ““I was just getting out of the car and was sitting on the door and was getting ready to swing my legs out and there he was. He just came right at me with his guys. There were just swings from that point on.’’

Sounds like Watermelon boy was minding his own business and the slot machine magnate came out of nowhere. Which is quite difficult given the robust size and small objects orbiting Gaughan. From there all hell broke loose and we had a good old-fashioned scrum. Eddie Gossage came his pants while this was happening, he was unavailable for comment as he designed a new banner for the April race.

Here is the only video of the incident. Like the Zapruder film just in the dark and in 1080p.

Something happened and apparently, Chastain had a shiner on his face. It’s a little hard to tell but there is definitely a little something there.

What Started It?

This whole incident started because of some beating and banging on the backstretch. As Chastain put it he wasn’t going to let Gaughan split him and a lap car because that would have killed his momentum. Gaughan didn’t like that and hit Chastain three-ish times down the backstretch.

Apparently, Gaughan took offense to that and wanted to let Chastain know it. Damn shame too because Gaughan is one of the nicest guys in the garage area. Always willing to talk and take pictures with everyone. Now he’s just ganging up on dudes.

NASCAR needs rivalries like this. Front of the grid rivalries. Mid-pack rivalries. We need them all. Two sons of businessmen going at it are what America was built on. You think the Rockefellers and the Rothschild families played nicely on the polo fields? Not a damn chance.

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