Discount Tire Holds Roger Penske Hostage To Unveil A Non-Corporate Paint Scheme

Discount Tire announced they would be the primary sponsor on Brad Keselowski’s #2 for 10 races in 2018. The best part of this sponsorship? Discount Tire isn’t using the standard boring corporate paint scheme Team Penske loves to use.

The fine people from Discount tire held Roger Penske hostage Saving Silverman style Thursday night as the team showed off the new look #2. A noncorporate scheme that runs on the #22 Xfinity car. You’re probably thinking, what’s so great if they already run it? Well, take a look, haters. The scheme actually pops when it’s on a cup car.

Everything about this looks good. It’s not overdone, the accent marks on the hood/top fender, the red outlines. Everything about it is perfect for what it is. It’s nice to see a change from the standard Team Penske paint scheme. For once we don’t have the two pin clam shell looking scheme that Penske loves to run.

If you don’t think they have a corporate scheme. Take a look at this, all of these schemes are from 2017. For time sake not all of Logano’s are on here but he runs the corporate scheme 5 different sponsors;

Now you can see why people are a little excited to see the #2 car get a scheme that isn’t a plug and play color scheme. The Shell scheme looks fine for them. Not every one of these sponsors should have to use the same scheme. Roger and Team Penske probably encourage it but it’s so boring. Much like Team Penske.

Roger escaped and is doing fine, no Neil Diamond appearances though however, Roger could own him. He won’t rescind the pictures and press release. That looks very unprofessional. Instead, he’s keeping it behind closed doors. Someone is getting a stern talking to about this with a threat to lose their bonus. “Don’t make us report this incident to HR, Phillip.” Corporate companies, man.

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