Richard Petty Motorsports Are Selling Cars, That Means A Manufacturer Change Is Coming

Carl Long announced Wednesday on his Facebook page that his team had purchased a superspeedway car from Richard Petty Motorsports. Well, he didn’t say RPM in the Facebook post but you have eyes are can put two and two together.

No idea where that car came from. Just bought it from a guy in Charlotte who said it was good at restrictor plate tracks. A solid 2017 Ford Fusion complete with a Roush Yates engine, 4 used Goodyear Eagles, and some sponsorship. No money for the sponsor but it still looks sporty on the track.

RPM Selling Cars Can Only Mean One Thing

Look, you don’t sell a 2017 car because you feel like it. That car has Monster Energy logos on it meaning it is from this season. No one sells a current season car to prep for the new model year rush like a dealership. Richard Petty Motorsports has something else up their sleeves.

A manufacturer change has to be coming for the King’s famed #43. All signs point to a switch to Chevy and an alliance with RCR. Why do people keep aligning with RCR? It makes no sense, it’s like aligning with the Houston Texans. We never win shit but dammit, we’re competitive half the season for a nice 8-8 record. Which is better than RPM’s current alliance with Roush which is a lot like an alliance with the Rams. Sometimes they’re competitive but usually, they underperform and everyone is like remember in the 2000’s they were competitive?

In all likelihood, the #43 will join the bow tie brigade for the 2018 season. The 2019 season? We’ll wait and see that one boys and girls.

Also, there’s a slim chance RPM joins the Toyota gang which would be the greatest thing to happen to them in terms of competitiveness. Richard Petty Driving Experience is now part of the NASCAR Experience and the King is posted up on a Toyota.

RPM has an announcement scheduled for Friday where they will be making a sponsorship announcement as well showing off a paint scheme. Will it be on a Ford or will they make a manufacturer announcement as well?

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