What Are The Chances Hendrick Motorsports Fields An F1 Team?

Hendrick Motorsports equity owner Jeff Gordon attended another F1 Grand Prix this past weekend in Mexico. His second race in the last four on the F1 calendar. His appearance raised some eyebrows in the F1 paddock and sparked some rumors. To suffice fact checkers here, Gordon was in Mexico as a representative for Axalta and a guest of Mercedes AMG.

However, could Gordon’s appearance on race weekends this year have ulterior motives other than enjoying an F1 weekend? People seem to think so.

Fellow NASCAR owner Gene Haas joined the Formula One ranks in 2016. His startup team has seen more success than virtually any other start-up team in the last decade. Scoring points on debut and quickly asserting themselves as one of the mid-pack squads is an achievement. Haas though has expressed concerns about the future of the team if the balance of power in the sport isn’t altered.

Could Hendrick Motorsports Be Looking At Joining?

Realistically? More than likely not. In all honesty, the odds are probably 90/10 that they won’t.

Could they join? Without a doubt. Hendrick Motorsports is the most successful team in NASCAR history. Rick Hendrick owns a network of dealerships unparalleled in America. Money isn’t the question, logistics and competitiveness have to be the real questions for them.

Jeff Gordon is in all likelihood the heir to the Hendrick Motorsports throne. His presence during F1 weekends is certainly interesting. He could very well be there to visit his friends. To experience a sport he easily could have participated in. What is for certain is his presence on multiple weekends this season certainly has people within F1 talking.


If Hendrick Motorsports did join F1 there’s a high chance they’d team up with Mercedes thanks to Gordon’s close relationship with the team. Unless of course, they convince General Motors to join the sport. Hendrick Cadillac F1. 

Liberty Media Needs This

Since buying the sport last season Liberty has taken the sport from the old boys elitist club that kept everyone out to being a welcoming sport. No more isolationist ideology, instead they’re opening up the floodgates. Chase Carey is out front yelling  WELCOME! WELCOME! Like a carnival barker.

Liberty wants more American involvement in the sport. Two more races in the states at least is their goal. There is already one American F1 team in Haas F1 but two is always better than one. You wouldn’t turn down having two friends, you know the type of friend, two is better than one. Getting a huge American motorsports name into F1 would be a win-win.

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