Joey Logano/Team Penske Costing Keselowski The Win Should Be A Bigger Story

Sunday night in victory lane Kyle Busch celebrated a win and a ticket to the championship race at Homestead. Kyle Busch shouldn’t have won though, Brad Keselowski should have been the one with the grandfather clock and the magic ticket. Instead, his teammate and ultimately team cost him a shot at the championship in all likelihood.

Brad Keselowski was leading and in all likelihood going to coast to a win. His blocker Joey Logano was behind him and ready to fend off chargers. Kyle Busch said no thanks to that and shoved him out of the way like he was Dean Portman blasting through Iceland. Joey left the shove with a crinkled up quarter that was rubbing on the tire. Not just rubbing, straight dragging on the tire. Drive down the highway with a knife pushing into your tire and hope it lasts. That’s what Logano was doing.

Here’s the thing. Everyone knew it wasn’t going to last. There was no chance it was going to last. It blew out of course which sent Logano for a spin and a caution. Now a restart happens, Keselowski made the dumbest decision┬áthis side of David Ragan at Daytona and took the outside line. That allowed Chase Elliott to restart on the inside and hip check Keselowski back to 7th.

The video below has the Kyle Busch hit on Logano, the Logano spin, and the Chase Elliott hip check.

Team Penske Needs To Be Smarter

Smart people work at Team Penske. They have to be smart. They can’t be this dumb but they historically have made some very dumb decisions. Sunday they should have called Logano in to pit. They couldn’t afford to bring out a caution and make Keselowski have to endure another restart at a place known for the leader getting hit.

Instead, Penske left Logano on track and killed Keselowski’s chances. It’s such a Penske move maybe that’s why no one is talking about it. Sam Hornish should be an Xfinity Series Champ. However, Penske kept running Keselowski in races and taking away wins/points from Hornish which cost him the title. As a company, they don’t make the smartest decisions when it comes to winning championships.

Penske and Todd Gordon should have called the 22 to pit road to preserve Keselowski’s lead. A cut tire and a caution later Keselowski watched his shot at Homestead all but disappear. Taking the outside lane was a stupid move too. Just really dumb decisions all around.

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