Donnie NASCAR: Kyle Busch Wins, Denny Hamlin Wrecked My Friend Chase Elliott

People asked me this morning in the briefing “Donald, did you watch NASCAR yesterday?” I did, and I have to say, Denny Hamlin. Sad.

Tremendously stupid Denny Hamlin wrecked my friend Chase Elliott. A tremendous driver from a phenomenal family, wrecked. He’s a much better driver than Hamlin and I told him that when he brought me out on stage in Georgia before we won the election and beat crooked Hillary. Now Hamlin wrecks him unfairly. Be careful Denny, or my fans will be there. You don’t want me to spill the beans on you.

Martinsville is a small track. People have compared it to my hands. Fake news. My people tell me NASCAR is going to Texas next week. Everything is bigger in Texas, that’s what they say, not me, but people say that. I say my hands are big like Texas. Martinsville though was an exciting race. Leaders, crashes, arguments, one of my fans was on pit road trying to fight. That’s ratings. Tremendous ratings for this race overnight. Some of the highest ever.

No greater NASCAR sponsor than M&M’s. The Mars family are close friends of mine. Tremendous friends. Only better NASCAR sponsor might be McDonald’s. Kyle Busch is a phenomenal driver. People tell me he might be one of the best ever. Is he closing in on 200 wins? That’s remarkable for him and his very attractive wife. Keep in mind I picked Kyle to win this weekend. Each week I have picked the winner. I remember all my picks. One of the greatest memories ever is in my head.

It was a very, very, good race. Denny Hamlin was really not smart. Wrecking half the field. I watched it on FOX this morning. That was not smart. Brad Keselowski is a smart guy, no kneeling, loves America. His teammate cost him the win. Another not smart move. It really was a very good race. Southern Virginia is home to great people. Minus tremendously stupid Denny Hamlin.

NASCAR is off to Texas. I heard Lyin’ Ted will be there. I might have to show up just to beat him one more time.

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