AJ Foyt Drops Conor Daly To Become A1GP Team Brazil

Following his second full IndyCar season, Connor Daly was feeling pretty good going into his third season and second with AJ Foyt. That all came crashing down late Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning when it was announced Daly would not be returning to AJ Foyt Racing.

Daly finally got back on social media after a stint on The Amazing Race and promptly lost his job. Have no fear though, apparently, he advanced in The Amazing Race so if this racing thing doesn’t work out he can always be a world traveler. How great would it be if his IndyCar career is done and he becomes a regular on MTV’s The Challenge? AMAZING. He could be the new CT.

What Now For Daly?

According to Daly, he’s going to search for a ride. “I’m an IndyCar driver and I know I can do this and I’ll never stop pursuing it because I believe in this and in myself. I’d just love the chance to spend a couple years with the same team” said Daly.

The last part of that quote is key. Spending a few years with a team has proven to be beneficial. Josef Newgarden wouldn’t be champion if Sarah Fisher and Ed Carpenter did give him years to develop. Daly needs an opportunity like that.

For now, though there are very few seats open. He could potentially end up at Carlin if they move up to IndyCar. However, Carlin is never moving up to IndyCar they just like to say they’re going to. Carlin is very much that habitual liar in grade school where you know it’s not true and they always have an excuse why it hasn’t happened yet.

An Indy 500 program seems like the most logical thing for Daly at the moment. Perhaps a partial season with someone the same way Harding did it last season.

AJ Foyt Team Brazil

Rumored to replace Daly at AJ Foyt is Carlin (they actually race somewhere) Indy Lights driver Matheus Leist. A Brazilian backed by TV networks in his home country who are looking to create the next Brazilian star. With Helio Castroneves out of IndyCar and Kanaan aging the country needs a new star.

Foyt will be fielding cars for two Brazilians next season replicating A1GP Team Brazil just a decade too late. AJ looked at SPM with an all Canada lineup and thought that was the new thing. “WE HAVE TO PICK A COUNTRY. BRAZIL IT IS” and he picked another Brazilian.

Back to back seasons with new driver lineups isn’t ideal. Foyt wants to win but signing a driver with 2 wins in 5 years isn’t likely to change that. Maybe having one central team shop would help. However, they’ll probably have a Houston and Rio shop set up. Why not?

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