Liberty Media Has Some BOLD/Terrbile Ideas For F1

Liberty Media has thrown out some wild ideas since taking over F1 last season. The new owners of the world championship threw out more ideas Tuesday. Ideas that make you laugh and make you say “what the fuck” at your phone in public. Liberty has done a lot of good, but some of their ideas were dreamed up in Mrs. Jenkins freshman English class.

Get Rid Of Friday Practices For More Races

Liberty has proposed getting rid of Friday practices in order to add more races to the calendar. It is said that Liberty wants 25 races a season. An astronomical amount for a world championship but that’s not important. Eliminating Friday would free up essentially 20 days a year. 20 days equal 5 more races if you’re only running a two-day show.

No Fridays = more races. We all want more races, do we want 25 races? Ehh, maybe not. That’s a long championship and one likely to be run on street circuits. Circuits like that have historically provided mediocre at best racing. Baku this season was electric but it could have been an anomaly. A Miami or New York street race would look cool but the racing will be lackluster. Adding races should be a benefit to the series and fans if it’s a parade no one cares.


Formula One is trying to steal something from IndyCar! Everyone in Indianapolis are currently reporting to their battle stations. Grabbing their pitchforks aka cell phones and preparing to fire off some scorching takes on Twitter. Message boards will be LIT if this becomes a thing.

Hopefully, it doesn’t become a thing. That would be a colossal disaster. Wrecks on wrecks on wrecks. Maybe Liberty Media is looking for more accidents. That’s not ideal from a safety standpoint but it will increase viewership, unfortunately. This, however, is a legitimate sporting league with a respected governing body. You can’t make a circus out of the sport because you feel like it.

If you want to see what happened in Singapore on a weekly basis, then go for it. If you want to raise the cost of the sport, do it. You lose some of your legitimacy if you do that. Allow teams to field third cars if you want to so something exciting.

Can We Talk About That CGI Eagle Shadow?

Hey FOM, the fuck are you doing? Sunday in Turn 1 at COTA the world feed showed the shadow of what was supposed to be an eagle. Instead, it looked like a pterodactyl straight from Jurrasic World was about to dive bomb the stands.

How about you just don’t do that anymore. ESPN hasn’t ever done anything this cringe-worthy with their IndyCar coverage. And they do a lot of cringe-worthy things.

Liberty Media is a advancing the sport in terms of social coverage and media rights. Don’t try to make it NASCAR though where everyone questions the legitimacy of the sport.

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